The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 29

The Monkees Get Out More Dirt

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Apr 03, 1967 on NBC
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The Monkees Get Out More Dirt
As they do their wash, the fabulous four each fall for April Conquest, who runs a laundromat while working for a degree in laundry science. As the boys stand dazed muttering "soap!" Wally Cox arm wrestles with an arm sticking out of a washing machine. At the pad, they split, fibbing to each other about going other places, and they all wind up at the laundromat with April. Dr. Lorene Sisters, who solves problems on TV, advises that the way to win a girl is to have the hobby she likes. On the phone, Mike finds that April is fond of cycling, Micky, ballet, Peter, chamber music and Davy, pop art. At the laundromat, each tries to outdo the other as Mike pedals, Micky prances, Davy splashes paint, and Peter helms a bicycle piano—all to the tune of the "(Theme from) The Monkees"—until they collide. A musical sequence set to "A Girl I Knew Somewhere" has each mad Monkee going his own wild way of how to woo and win April; the romp ends with the boys putting the moves on each other in white-clean judo outfits until April, in white, appears on a rocking horse. There is an explosion, and opposite to the old Ajax commercial ("Stronger Than Dirt!"), The Monkees' outfits are dingy and dirty. Soon afterward, The Monkees' affections for April cause their tried-and-true friendship to sour, and they resort to splitting their pad into four different sections. On TV, Dr. Sisters reveals that April is having a nervous collapse because she's in love with four different boys. When they find the laundromat "closed due to illness" as a result, The Monkees decide to end April's confusion by choosing Peter. Davy, Micky and Mike goes to visit ailing April at her humble abode, where each confesses to her he has given up his hobby and Peter is the man for her, and she recovers from her condition; meanwhile, at the laundromat, all is complete chaos as Peter takes over ("I'm not responsible for loss and damage!!"). Just then April and the other Monkees show up to relieve him, and Peter mistakes April's gratitude for love until, preparing for a date later that evening, April shows up and introduces her new fiancé, Freddy Fox III ("I've never met a singer before!"). April and Freddy then both skip away, leaving Peter's heart shattered to a million pieces. Just then four lovely girls appear, asking directions to the laundromat; realizing there is one for each, The Monkees advance on them (and leaves their front door open!).moreless

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