The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 7

The Monkees in a Ghost Town

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 24, 1966 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Micky's hat gets shot off, you can see the string that pulls it off his head.

    • When Bessie is singing her mouth and the words don't match up.

    • When Bessie asks the boys if they have ever sang profesionally both her arms are at her sides. When they cut back to her after Mike's answer, her left hand is leaning against the jail cell.

    • When Davy hands Lenny the ice, the background is not the same background as the street, instead it is a wall.

    • Pitcher's mound is spelled wrong on the sign. On the sign it says "Pitchers Mound", but it should read "Pitcher's Mound".

    • When the boys are talking to Lenny from inside the jail cell, Micky's hands keep changing positions on the cell bars.

    • During the entire episode, Micky has a bandage on his left pinkie finger.

    • When the boys are trying to figure out how to get to their gig, Micky keeps changing positions in his seat between shots.

    • The entire time during the shootout Mike is behind Davy behind the bar, which means when they stand up he should be to Davy's right. When the boys do stand up, he is to Davy's left.

    • When the officer is writing the ticket, Davy, Micky, and Peter are all kneeling in their seat. However, when the four all look up at the camera before pulling away they are all sitting in their seats normal.

    • When Peter is yelling at the officer for it not being fair he is sitting down. In the next shot, where the officer hands Mike the ticket Peter is now sitting on the back of the chair

    • When the boys are standing up behind the bar, Peter is holding his guitar, but when they duck down behind the bar he is no longer holding the guitar.

    • When the boys run behind the bar, Peter is not carrying his guitar, but once they are standing behind the bar Peter is holding his guitar again.

    • George's tie keeps going from tied to untied between shots.

    • When Peter ends up in the cell next door he is smiling, but then a split second later he looks upset.

    • The boys are suppose to be playing baseball with the shovel and Lenny's ball, but somehow they get a real bat and ball along with baseball hats to play with.

    • When Lenny gives the boys the ball to play baseball, there is no one near the cell bars. However, when the camera cuts to the cell all four boys are near the cell bars, so they should have been seen when Lenny was telling them not to lose his ball.

    • Goof:  When Micky and Peter are thrown in the jail cell, they're wearing their gangster clothes.  But after the first video, they're back in the clothes they were seen at the beginning of the episode.

    • When Peter is pretending to be Spider, he has a toothpick in his mouth. About half way through the charade he no longer has it in his mouth.

    • Peter hands Micky a coin in his left hand, but seconds later Micky starts tossing it with his right.

    • When Peter is holding onto the triangle, he lets go of the bottom of the triangle, but in the close up shot he is once again holding onto the bottom.

    • When the boys are driving in the car, Peter has two buttons unbuttoned on his shirt. Once they arrive at the ghost town, he only has one button unbuttoned on his shirt.

    • When the boys are driving the guitar case is in the seat right behind Mike, who is driving. When they stop in the ghost town, however, the guitar case is in the back seat with Peter.

    • Davy is using the maracas that he bought in the episode "The Spy That Came In From The Cool".

    • When the boys are in the jail cell when the "Big Man" arrives they are in this order: Micky, Davy, Peter, Mike. In the next shot they are in this order: Mike, Peter, Micky, Davy.

    • After the "Fun in the Desert" scene Peter and Micky somehow change back into their normal clothes after wearing their ganster attire.

    • At the beginning of the episode, The Monkees have on red shirts while driving in the car. After they drive past the Clarksville sign, the color of the shirts change.

    • At the start of the episode, the Monkees get stranded in the ghost town because their car runs out of gas, however at the end they are able to easily start the car and drive off without filling the tank.

  • Quotes

    • Davy: I wonder what happened to Micky and Peter?
      Mike: Maybe they come see us on visiting day.

    • George: When the "Big Man" gets here, were gonna take our cut and were gonna scram outta here.
      Lenny: Take our cut.
      George: What about the kids?
      Davy: Yeah, what about the kids?
      Mike: Yeah!
      Lenny: Why should you get a cut? You've never done nothing!
      George: I mean about knocking them off.

    • Mike: Pick a card, any card.
      Peter: Any card?
      Mike: Any card.
      Peter: Just any card anywhere?
      Mike: Any, any card you wanna pick!
      Davy: Uh they-- they're not real cards, though.
      Peter: Shhhh!
      Mike: Cool it, will ya please. ...Okay. You look at it?
      Peter: Yup.
      Mike: It's the uh... King of Spades.
      Davy: How--
      Peter: How-- how did you know?!
      Davy: Come on!
      Peter: Come on, how did you know...?
      Mike: It's the only one missing.
      Bob: I don't believe it.
      Davy: Aw...

    • Bob: Hey Mike? Show's over. What're you doin', babe.
      Mike: (stands up from painting on his director's chair) Putting a, putting a name there on the back of my chair.
      Bob: What is it?
      Mike: "Lauren St. David" is the name.
      Bob: Why? Wh... I mean why, why you put that, uh, name on the chair?
      Mike: Lauren St. David?
      Bob: Yeah.
      Mike: I, I don't want anybody to recognize me.

    • Police Officer: Hey, is that your car?
      Davy: Yeah, isn't she a beauty!
      Police Officer: Well boys, she's in a no parking zone.
      All Four Boys: What?! No parking zone!
      Police Officer: And you crossed against the light.
      Micky: What do you mean, parking?!
      Police Officer: And one more thing. Performing in a cabaret without a license.
      Peter: Without a... we don't... there is no cabaret...this is a ghost town,
      (the police officer hands Mike a ticket)
      Mike: Well, uh, well I guess that about will take care of it.
      (Mike hands the officer the reward money)
      Monkees: (looking up at the camera) Well, that's show business!

    • (Micky starts digging with the shovel)
      Peter: I thought we were gonna play baseball.
      Mike: First we'll escape, then we'll play baseball.

    • Lenny: Well, could you play ball in a cell?
      Micky: Well, we'll bunt a lot.

    • Black Bart: (Mike in a black cowboy outfit) Nervous, aye! Slade your a yellow liver coward.
      Slade:(Mike in a white cowboy outfit) So, Kincade paid a hired killer to come and get me.
      Kincade: (Davy in a cowboy outfit) That's right, Slade. I paid him 500 dollars for you life.
      Slade: 500 dollars, huh. Well I only have three words for you Black Bart.
      Black Bart: Yeah, what are they?
      Slade: 600 dollars.

    • Peter: Hey, doesn't that gun ever run out of bullets?
      Davy: Hey, it can't! We're the good guys.
      (the gun suddenly runs out of bullets)
      Davy: I guess we're not so good after all.

    • Micky:(to the camera) Now this is the moment when the calvery usually rides up.
      (cut away to the calvery riding up, but not stopping)
      Micky: Don't trust the calvery.

    • (the boys duck behind a bar)
      Peter: Hey, we shouldn't be here behind the bar. We're too young.
      Micky: So go out there.
      (George starts shooting at the boys)
      Peter: That's what I said. We're fine right where we are.

    • (Davy hangs up the phone)
      Davy: (to George who is holding a gun) Oh, hello. I'm trying to get her an agent.

    • Chester: (into the phone) Hello, this is Chester.
      Davy: This is David Jones. We've got a serious problem.
      Chester: Problem, huh. I better go get Mr. Dylan.
      Davy: Marshall Dillon?
      Chester: No, Bob Dylan. He can write a song about your problem.

    • George: (talking about Bessie) You know how she bumped off Mr. Big. She sang him to death.

    • Bessie: Okay, Lenny, now lets rub them out.
      Mike: Wait a minute, Bessie! Do you know you can get the chair for this?
      Bessie: No, I don't think I remember that one.

    • Indian: (into a phone) Hello?
      Davy: (on the phone) Were being held prisoners in a ghost town!
      Indian: Me cannot help, me primative Indian Chief. No nothing about white man's problems.
      Davy: But you've got to help!
      (another phone begins to ring)
      Indian: Wait a minute! Other phone ringing. Me put you on hold.

    • Bessie: Hey, you boys singers? You ever worked professionally?
      Mike: Yes, ma'am, were a group. Uh, were the Monkees.
      Bessie: Oh, a chimp act, huh.

    • Micky: The shovel!
      Peter: So what, we don't have a sandbox.

    • Peter: You can't step on a spider.
      Lenny: Why not?
      Peter: It'll rain.

    • Peter: First we get lost and run out of gas and then Mike and Davy disappear and then somebody start shooting off a machine gun and now this guy is searching the town.
      Micky:(looks at the camera) That's for the benefit of any of you who tuned in late. Now, back to our story!

    • George: I'm not so sure their alone. You keep these two on ice while I look around.
      Lenny: Uh, but George! Where am I goin' get ice on the desert?

    • Peter: Cross at the green, not in between.
      Davy: He's been out in the sun too long
      Micky: He was no bargin in the bargain in the shade.

  • Notes

    • 9,390,000 viewers watched this episode.

    • Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny and other Warner Brother cartoon characters, provides the sputtering noises that the Monkeemobile makes when it runs out of gas.

    • The Monkees' first single, Last Train To Clarksville, is #2 on Billboard's Top 100 during the week this episode is shown. It was #3 last week.

    • This episode was the seventh episode filmed and it was filmed between July 11 and July 15 1966.

    • Lon Chaney, Jr. parodies one of his most famous roles, that of Lenny in "Of Mice and Men," in this episode. His character is even called Lenny and his sidekick's name is George--the same as in the movie.

    • Features the songs: "Papa Gene's Blues" and "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day". The latter tune was replaced by a newly woodshedded remake of Boyce & Hart's "Words" when NBC reran "The Monkees in a Ghost Town" on July 17, 1967.

    • Tag: during a chat, The Monkees monkee around with camera filters.

  • Allusions

    • Chester: Problem, huh. I better go get Mr. Dylan.
      Davy: Marshall Dillon?
      Chester: No, Bob Dylan. He can write a song about your problem.

      Marshall Dillon is off of the long running television western Gunsmoke that ran from 1955-1975. Bob Dylan was a famous folk singer in the 1960's.