The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 22

The Monkees In Paris (a.k.a. The Paris Show)

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 19, 1968 on NBC

Episode Recap

As the camera pulls back from a toy chimp to reveal Micky and David playing checkers and Michael engaging in a round of Chutes And Ladders, Peter runs in with an ultimatum telling them to give up the secret microfilm and get off the ranch or they will be killed. They react unenthusiastically when set upon by Artie, the guest villain, and they express to their key director, James Frawley, their frustration with the repetitious scenarios, complaining that it's the same old thing and no longer funny. Then they all decide to take a vacation in Paris while James works on new plot twists in the script. After they leave the set, the director orders a close-up of the monkey as the scene shifts to them getting off the plane upon their arrival in Paris.

The Monkees ride around the streets of Paris on motorcycles when they are spotted by Veronique, Karine, Carole and Francoise four beautiful French women. The pace becomes as frantic as The Beatles' hardest day's night as a mad musical chase to the song "Love Is Only Sleeping" is given through the meat and vegetable markets and all over the street as the quartet try futilely to dodge the pursuing beauties while confused onlookers watch on. They finally manage to ditch them by jumping on the back of a minibus. Meanwhile back on the set, James is explaining over the phone to series co-creator/executive producer Bob Rafelson on the phone that The Monkees just walked off the set and suggest that they put on another episode but Bob isn't pleased. Back in Gay Paree, Micky, Michael, Peter and David escape pursuit on a truck and pile onto a canal barge which sails on the River Seine and as the waterfall flows Peter shows off with his hand gestures to the cal tune of Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyrides". The girls follow and it seems they have the boys trapped, but they immediately leap onto the mainland, leaving the ladies stranded on the barge. Soon, The Monkees are at the amusement park where they are engaged in toy cars and tricycles but the four girls are after them once more and then each Monkee is enjoying the rides with each girl next to them.

Later, each Monkee pairs off with each girl as they stroll romantically through a beautiful garden to the song "Don't Call On Me." At the Les Halles Flea Market, through a rendition of "Star Collector", The Monkees are back on motorcycles strolling through a crowd when once again they are being pursued by Veronique, Karine, Carole and Francoise. Now on their feet, a chase continues through the crowd as they try to dodge the women with hilarious results, posing as vendors and musicians, but they give in and type letters and hand them to the girls, who slap them. They type some more, and the girls, won over, hug and kiss our heroes. Next to the tune of "Goin' Down", The Monkees are hounded through downtown Paris' Champs-Elysses by crowds led by the 4 girls, with gendarmes bringing up the rear as they pull every trick in the book to avoid them from climbing a flagpole, hiding under a bench, inside an old brownstone and climbing onto a balcony...but all, alas and alack, to no avail. At one point, Micky is mobbed by the fans leaving him half shirtless! When David and Micky enter the Montparnasse cemetery, the tune is quickly interrupted by the strains of Johahn Sebastian Bach's Toccatta and Fugue in D minor as they stroll through the site, but returns to "Goin' Down" forcibly takes over again when they rejoin Michael and Peter back on the street. They continue to elude pursuit on bicycles, motorcycles and then a small truck as the mob surrounds them but then backs off when the guys remove their shirts and jackets. They are finally able to escape but not before pulling the four ladies onto the truck with as it takes off.

Next, The Monkees, chased once again (!!!!) by the girls, romp all over a tour boat where Micky fools around with lifesavers and the wheel wearing the captain's hat, and Peter and David are being pursued by two of the girls all dressed in old fashioned bathing suits at a swimming pool where they wind up toppling into the pool. Next, to a reprise of "Don't Call On Me," the group are all riding in a broken-down station with the women through Paris admiring the scenery when the buggy ceases functioning at The Arc De Triomphe, causing a gargantuan traffic jam. Back at the Monkees set, director James Frawley tells Artie the guest villain about new twists in the weekly script, insisting that the phony moustache and accent is out and the secret microfilm is now the secret apple but Artie fails to notice the differences. Meanwhile, The Monkees are now riding the elevator at the Eiffel Tower and (you guessed it!) once again are plagued by the pursuing women as they are chased around the tower and continue to try to hide from them. During the pursuit, a solo Davy pulls one of the girls in with him in a booth and soon all eight of them flee from the booth. While monkeeing around, they climb up the tower and all wind up in on sprawled on the ground in a "dead" heap.

A while later, back at the pad, as the camera once more pulls back from the toy chimp to again reveal Micky and David playing checkers and Michael engaging in a round of Chutes And Ladders, Peter runs in with another ultimatum, this one telling them to give up the secret apple and get off the base or they will be killed. The boys again unenthusiastically react to Artie, but recognize that it's the same old thing! They angrily balk to director Jim Frawley and want to leave, but he settles them down. The Monkees ask the audience to stick around until next week; they'll try to think of something by then. Frawley again orders a close up of the monkey, and the boys find themselves back in the French capital, romping to the strains of Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky's War Of 1812 Overture.
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