The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 13

The Monkees In Texas

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Dec 04, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

After a 3-day drive on a golf cart, The Monkees arrive in Texas, at the ranch owned by Michael's Aunt Kate Nesmith. As soon as they arrive, Aunt Kate and her daughter Lucy quickly ride up on horses and hurry in the house. Convinced that they picked a bad time to visit, the foursome are about to leave until three masked riders in black-Black Bart and his masked riders Red and Sneak-ride up shooting and soon there's a gunfight leaving the guys are in the middle. They retreat to the house where Kate doesn't waste time in ordering Michael and his mates to grab rifles-Micky takes a Winchester '73, David chooses a Colt .45, Michael picks a Smith and Wesson .38, and Peter grabs a bottle of Vintage '66 - and help drive off Bart and his cohorts, who are trying to drive Kate and her daughter Lucy off and take over the ranch. They assist Kate in firing at the bandits except Peter who uses his fingers instead (he hates violence). Bart, Red and Sneak briefly stop their gunfire and the leader gives Kate an ultimatum to sell them the ranch; when she refuses, they continue to attack with knives and even go so far as to set a kitchen sink afire and wheel it towards the Nesmith ranch!

David saves the day by turning on the sink's faucets, dousing the flames. Frightened, Black Bart and his minions beat a hasty retreat. Peter, David and Micky want to cut out, too, but Michael insists they must stay, simply because "a man's first obligation is to his kinfolk, and because it's better to have a brave death than a cowardly life. And besides that, they killed our golf cart!" Michael and David hold the fort at the ranch with Kate and Lucy, while Micky and Peter leave for town to get the Marshall; Kate cautions them to appear more Western since people in the area don't take kindly to strangers. Then Kate explains to Michael that Black Bart and his gang have been trying to run Kate off her ranch for about a year. Meanwhile in town, Micky and Peter, in cognito as The Lone Stranger and Pronto, respectively, ask help from The Marshall, who tells them he won't be available (he's busy shooting...his TV series) and advises them to go to the saloon he advises them to hire their own posse of outlaws at the local saloon, just like he does.

Meanwhile back at Kate's ranch, Ben Cartwheel, who owns half the valley, and his sons Mule and Little Moe come riding up and Ben orders David to water his horse, which he does literally by using a watering can! He then asks Kate to sell out to him so she won't have to worry about Black Bart and his gang, but she rebukes his offer. Micky and Peter go to the saloon and ask for men with prices on their heads and the bartender points to three men who do (literally). They are spotted by Red and Sneak and Micky explains he wants hired guns. One thing leads to another, and before either know what's happened, Micky unwittingly agrees to be inducted into Black Bart's posse. At the ranch, Kate explains about her cattle dying because of some filthy dirt on her ranch; Michael takes a sample of the dirt to town to be analyzed. While at Black Bart's hangout, as Micky and Red play cards waiting for the boss (Peter, who looks on, unintentionally ruins Micky's strategy by calling Red's bluff), Sneak informs Red that there's one guy left at Kate's ranch and now is the time to strike, Red says they will, upon Bart's return. Micky sends Peter to warn Kate and Red threatens to kill him if Peter isn't back in 10 minutes!

At Aunt Kate's ranch, Peter brings his horse into her kitchen (nobody was at the barn) and warns them of the imminent attack; Kate sends David to The Cartwheels for help. David rides over to the Cartwheel place on horseback backwards to inform Ben of Bart's plans. Meanwhile at the saloon, Michael arrives and goes to the assayer who's also the bartender that the dirt contains the highest grade of black gold: b.k.a. crude oil! Black Bart returns to his henchmen in his hideout and demands to know which one of them is a traitor for going over to the Nesmith ranch to give a warning; Red and Sneak point to Peter, "the Injun!" Peter tries to escape, but he is trapped and Micky is ordered to kill him. He is unable to bring himself to do so, blowing his cover, and they are immediately covered. At the Nesmith ranch, Michael attempts to contact John Wayne by phone; given a rifle by Aunt Kate, he and David prepare for another imminent attack. Meanwhile, outside, Micky and Peter, in desperado gear, secretly listen in on Black Bart, Red and Sneak plotting to give Kate one final chance to sell out or kill her out-and-out and fake her signature on the mortgage. Convinced well beyond the shadow of a doubt that Black Bart and Ben Cartwheel are one and the same, Micky and Peter ride off to the Nesmith ranch to warn David, Michael, Kate and Lucy about Black Bart's attack and of his true identity. Bart and his cronies follow not too far behind, and a see-saw musical battle set to "Words" ensues, with The Monkees defeating the bad guys in black one by one, driving them away for good, and the ranch is saved.


Tag Sequence:

Micky performs an alternate take of "Goin' Down" in a swath of superimposed saxophones, trombones and guitars.