The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 28

The Monkees on the Line

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Mar 27, 1967 on NBC
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The Monkees on the Line
Believing their massive dearth of gigs is because of missed phone calls, The Monkees approach Mrs. Drehdal, on The Urgent Answering Service, for a special rate. She instead persuades them to take over the switchboard while she goes on vacation in Jamaica, warning them not to get involved with clients. While Mike is on the first shift, he presses a red button which triggers a red bed emerging from a wall (Drehdal says it's for when one gets tired!). In-between a barrage of phone messages, he intercepts a call from Ellen Farnsby, a histrionic thespian, indicating that she is thinking of suicide. Mike becomes very confused and worn-out from attempting to locate Ellen's signal within excessive ringing phones and incoming messages, and Davy, Micky and Peter, dressed as surgeons, revive him with a sprits of seltzer water. Mike and Micky rushes off to stop Ellen, while Davy and Peter take over the phones. Davy gets a call asking Mr. Smith to call Zelda Baby; finding the Smith phone out of order, Davy delivers the message himself. Although Mr. Smith denies knowing any Zelda, his wife chases him and Smith chases Davy around the apartment, starting a row. Meanwhile, Micky and Mike invade Ellen Farnsby's apartment at 4554 Blip St. and finds it replete with guns, knives, bottles of poison and hangman's nooses! They peruse her address book and find out that Ellen is at the theatre, where at the same time she is rehearsing the scene she tried out on Mike. Manny Spink, a bookie, tells Arnold, his runner, of his scheme to use The Urgent Answering Service to handle gambling bets, pretending the horses are vocal groups and that he is an agent. Meanwhile, Micky and Mike dash over to the theater to look for Ellen; her director tells them that she just departed - for her apartment. Micky returns to the UAS to relieve Peter, while Mike finds Ellen at her apartment and pleads against the easy way out. Later, Manny and Arnold, with guns, accuse The Monkees of fouling up a bet which cost them $90,000. As they are about to get rough, Mr. Smith, in a cop's uniform, runs in, pursued by Mrs. Smith. While the phones ring, a mad chase set to "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)" ensues, concluding with the crooked gamblers trapped under the receiver of a giant green phone. Mr. Smith arrests Manny and Arnold, and Davy convinces Mrs. Smith the message about Zelda was a mistake. Appearing in a stunning mink stole, Ellen thanks Mike for helping her rehearse. Peter wonders what happened if they'd gotten involved with the clients, and the boys put his hands over his eyes.moreless

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