The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 14

The Monkees On The Wheel

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Dec 11, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

Announcer (over stock footage of Las Vegas):

Las Vegas. Pleasure capital of the world, where each man seeks the things he loves most. [Peter follows a girl.] The things he loves most. [Michael follows a girl.] The things he loves most! [David follows a girl.] But all is not fun and games in the gambling capital of the world: while some pursue their pleasures, others pursue their greed. A hideaway on the other side of town...

The Monkees are in Las Vegas for an engagement and head for the casino while in a hideaway on the other side of town, a crooked gambler and mob boss known as simply "The Boss" tells his man Biggy to enter the casino at precisely 7:54, for he has a Roulette wheel automatically fixed to land at 16-Red for five minutes starting at 8:00.

Over at a slot machine, Micky hands coins to Zelda, a pretty girl he tries to woo but she rebuffs him when he doesn't win anything. Angered by her rejection and his rotten luck, he pushes the handle on the slot machine and winds up winning a large amount of coins which impresses Zelda who claims he has "magic fingers." While Micky is trying to explain to Mike about what happened, he mistakenly puts the bag of coins he won on the Roulette wheel on 16-Red, the same number Biggy is betting, and ends up winning instead! The angry thug tries to warn Micky not to bid on 16-Red because it's an unlucky number, but Micky ends up winning again! Then Peter gets him to bid again since you should never quit when you're ahead. Micky keeps on winning until he breaks the bank, and soon The Monkees lug the bags of money into their hotel room on a stretcher and revel in their fortune.

After informing his boss of the misfortune, The Boss orders Biggy to get Della The Decoy to swipe the money away from the guys. Soon Biggy shows up at their suite disguised as a maintenance man dragging a vacuum cleaner, while Della shows up as a gorgeous French maid in a sexy uniform, and in no time has the guys fawning all over her. While distracted by Della, Biggy manages to toss all their money into the vacuum cleaner before they both depart; and then the guys realize they've been robbed!

Meanwhile at the casino room, the manager finds the wire attached to his Roulette wheel. Distraught on discovering it has been rigged, he summons the police. When the cops and the manager arrive at The Monkees' suite, they think they came to investigate their robbery and Micky unwittingly signs a confession that they stole the money which eventually gets them all arrested. During an interrogation at police headquarters, The Monkees claim their innocence when they are told the wheel was rigged, but the policeman doesn't believe them and Micky learns to his dismay he didn't win and he doesn't have magic fingers after all. However, the manager releases them on a 24-hour reprieve on condition they get back the money or face a 20-year jail term! The guys devise a plan to pose as mobsters to lure the crooks to them. Peter, Micky, Michael and David don disguises and sunglasses (with the exception of Peter, who wears normal glasses) and pose as crooked gamblers: The Professor, The Insidious Strangler, Vicious Killer and Muscles The Mauler, respectively and return to the Roulette wheel in the casino where they encounter Biggy. They tell him of their plans to take over the city and win all the money via a system to beat the Roulette table that the Professor has invented. They are brought by Biggy to The Boss where he and Micky square off with James Cagney impressions. Then The Boss orders Peter The Professor to reveal his system, and he gets the mobsters drunk while explaining the system until they pass out. The Monkees attempt to search the place for the stolen money when suddenly they trip an alarm which revives The Boss, who orders the boys to gamble with their system and his cash.

Back at the Roulette table, the cop tells Insidious Strangler they need proof that the money with which they're gambling is stolen and warns him to lose on the wheel or else. The Monkees lose the money back to the casino but end up winning every time, while Micky continuously fends off Zelda who swears that she knows him. Finally, they do lose all the money but Zelda finally yanks off Micky's shades and recognizes him as "Magic Fingers," giving them away to the crooks. The Boss figures out their plans to steal back the money they stole from them and orders Biggy to get them, and they start chasing the boys around the room. The ensuing romp, which is set to "The Door Into Summer", involves David, Peter and Biggy each taking turns capturing each other, then being distracted by Della The Decoy and escaping; Micky using Michael for a money scale; and the participants passing around a yellow rose, resulting in the recipient catching a sneezing fit. Finally, the exhausted gangsters pass out on the tables, covered with their own cash.

Tag Sequence: Michael introduces a "Here We Go Again" tag that Peter and David do involving Micky, and repeatedly cut between Micky at the slot machines (and wining at each and every one of them!) and the boys before The Monkees, clad in Vaudevillian gear, sing "Cuddly Toy"; then, 6 outtakes of Micky and Michael from the soon-to-be-telecast "The Monstrous Monkee Mash" (#4767, 11-2-67) are shown.