The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 14

The Monkees On The Wheel

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Dec 11, 1967 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Rip Taylor shown here as the manager, played "Glick" in the final episode.

      Also a scene from this episode had a man hit Mike in the nose, and called him Glick.

  • Quotes

    • Peter: Hey, you guys have got this all wrong!
      Davy: You're supposed to arrest the criminal, not the victim!
      Mike: You know, the one who commits the crime!
      Micky: Didn't you learn that in cop shop?

    • Peter: Are you a maintenance man, too?
      Della: Sure. Don't you like the way I'm... maintained?
      Peter: Hey, listen, we already gave at the office.
      Davy: But we'll give again!

  • Notes

    • One of the winning numbers that comes up on the roulette wheel is the impossible value of 212 green. Seems that the Professor's strategy might actually involve altering matter itself to influence the outcome... or probably just a funny sight gag.

    • Tag: Davy and Peter do a "Here We Go Again Tag" involving Micky; The Monkees, clad in Vaudevillian gear, sing "Cuddly Toy"; six outtakes of Micky and Mike from the soon-to-be-telecast "Monstrous Monkee Mash" (#4767, 11-2-67) are shown.

    • Features the songs: "Door Into Summer" and "Cuddly Toy."

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