The Monkees

Season 2 Episode 21

The Monkees Race Again (a.k.a. "Leave The Driving To Us")

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Feb 12, 1968 on NBC

Episode Recap

As David, Peter and Michael work on The Monkeemobile, David gets a call from T.N. Crumpets, his grandfather's friend and England's major racing driver, who wants the guys' help. The guys decide to head over to Crumpets' place and as David starts the car, the telephone is triggered instead and, with wheels, drives itself into The Monkees' pad!

At T.N. Crumpets' garage at the racing track, The Monkees admire his race car (#54) and they meet the elderly racer and his butler, Carruthers. Crumpets believes that someone is sabotaging his car and soon Peter and Michael look under the hood when the engine blows up leaving them convinced it's the work of saboteurs. Meanwhile at another garage, Baron Von Klutz and his henchman Wolfgang, German officers of The Third Reich, work on The Baron's racecar, The Klutzmobile (#13) but are having difficulties with their engine. Then The Baron spies on The Monkees through a periscope as amateur greasemonkees, clumsily working on Crumpets' car and notices their strange techniques (using a hammer and a nail, a saw and wood). Back at Crumpets' garage, The Monkees have nonchalantly taken Crumpets' engine apart - Micky removes a tiger tail in the process! - but still can't get it working again. When The Baron and Wolfgang come over to find out about the sad condition of Crumpets' car, The Monkees throw the car's engine parts about to allay their suspicions, saying it's a way to get rid of excess. After reassembling the engine again, David attempts to turn it over, but it's still no go until Micky starts the engine running again with his hand. Meanwhile, The Baron plots with Wolfgang to kidnap the mechanic and the driver since a fixed car is useless without a driver.

The Monkees and Crumpets engage in their tea to celebrate; as Carruthers sprays London Mist Spray around, the gasmasked villains spray knockout gas and everyone passes out. They kidnap greasemonkee Micky and Crumpets and drag them to their garage, where The Baron has them tied up as he explains his plans to win the race and make The Klutzmobile the most famous race car in the country and the world, and demands that Micky work on it. Crumpets tries to tell Von Klutz that Micky is no mechanic, but The Baron won't hear of it, and has him gagged. Micky at first defies The Baron's methods of brainwashing, solitary confinement and starvation, but he relents when Von Klutz threatens physical torture. Meanwhile, back at the Crumpetts' garage, Peter, Michael, David and Carruthers come to, realizing they've been doped, and discover Micky or Crumpets are missing! After fixing The Klutzmobile, Baron orders Micky to start to car so he can analyze her engine, but only music emanates from it instead (despite the car not having a radio or a stereo tape deck!). Then, Wolfgang spots Michael, David and Peter arriving at their garage; The Baron orders Wolfgang to get rid of them while he hides Micky and Crumpets. The three other Monkees enter the Klutz garage, where Peter find a tuning fork Micky used on The Baron earlier, and when Wolfgang greets them he insists that only Klutzmobile personnel can enter the garage, meaning you have to be a Klutz to get in. Peter points out Micky's B flat tuning fork he found but Wolfgang claims it's his and that it's an A. Soon Peter, Michael, David and Wolfgang then spend time trying out Micky's tuning fork, claiming it's a B flat arguing back with Wolfgang who tries to send them away. When they won't budge, Wolfgang pulls a gun on them, which the boys object to. The Baron then intervenes, asking the three what they want but they leave, failing to find or rescue Micky or Crumpets, The Baron having hidden both of them under a stack of tires; The Baron schemes to have them dispose of after the race when they are no longer needed.

Back at Crumpets, The Monkees realize they don't have a driver for Crumpet's race car until David volunteers to stand in for Crumpets in the race since he's a British subject. The racing official agrees but doesn't think he'll be able to see over the wheel since he's so short. Michael and Peter remedy this problem with a telephone book, which they give David to sit on. Meanwhile, Micky is still working on The Baron's Klutzmobile, but, an inexperienced mechanic, he completely ruins her engine. Then after spotting Crumpet's car that is up and running, they decide to steal the engine. For a diversion, the Baron calls Michael and Peter from the loudspeaker, then they sneak in and steal the car in their absence. The racing official tells Michael, Peter and David they can't be in the race without a car; David wants to run the race afoot, but the official is insistent that he must have a car, so he opts to use The Monkeemobile. After switching the engine from Crumpets' car to The Klutzmobile, The Baron instructs Wolfgang to shoot one of the hostages at the starting gun and the other one at the end of the race, when everyone is cheering. Later at the track, as the race is about to begin, Michael and Peter tells David they'll look for Micky and Crumpets while David races the Baron. David wonders where the other contestants are; The Baron drives up and declares that they have all been sabotaged. Just before Wolfgang gets ready to shoot Micky, Michael and Peter burst in and starts chasing him all over the garage, just as the official fires the gun, and the race is on. Despite The Baron's efforts to sabotage David with an arsenal of underhanded trickery - a newspaper, and a spare tire, which winds up felling him instead - David wins the race and is surrounded by a crowd including pretty women kissing him.

In a musical romp set to "What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round", The Monkees chase The Baron and Wolfgang around the garage and wind up turning them into flower children and ends with all of them throwing flowers in the air. Producer Robert Rafelson also sees fit to cameo as "The World's Oldest Flower Child," scarfing a chrysanthemum.
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