The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 6

The Success Story

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 17, 1966 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Success Story

Davy is afraid to meet his grandfather (Ben Wright), who is flying in from England, because he's told him through letters that he's a rich and important man in America. The Monkees set out to convince grandfather that Davy is indeed a wealthy man.

Monkee Music Includes:

I Wanna Be Free

Sweet Young Thing


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  • I have to say

    Since Davy passed, I've spent countless times just simply watching him saying his goodbyes to his bandmates. I thought I had run out of tears......
  • Actually this is a correction to the overview

    Since they wouldn\\\'t let me edit anything yet, I\\\'ve decided to make my knowledge available here: The song Davy walks along the beach to is NOT I wanna be free. It\\\'s Shades Of Gray. If you\\\'re going to summarize, GET IT RIGHT!

    Now this damn machine tells me I need more words. blah blah blah. Why does every review have to be 100 words? Short and sweet is always best. thirty to go, twenty seven to go, twenty three to go. Pointless isn\\\'t it? Just wanted to write a quick little note and I have to add this junk. DONE!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (23)

    • On the board that is telling the gates and the flight times, there are two cities listed that have to do directly with The Monkees. One is Clarksville, which of course is in reference to their song Last Train to Clarksville and Los Gatos, which is where Micky's family lives.

    • Micky's hair changes between shots during the scene where he is the airport ticket man.

    • Micky has a random band-aid on his finger during the scene where Davy says good bye to the boys. It is not in any of the other scenes.

    • Davy leaves to go for a walk on the beach, but instead of taking the stairs he climbs over the edge of the balcony and then walks off. However, the balcony is not at ground level according to the pictures of the actual beach house.

    • When Davy's grandfather tells everyone that he is Davy's guardian, Davy waves his hands trying to get his grandfather's attention, but in the next shot Davy's hands are down.

    • While Mike is picking up the dishes, Davy tells him that he is so hungry he could eat a horse. When he tells Mike that his hands are empty, but when they cut back to him he is now holding a tea cup.

    • The utensils Davy is holding in the scene where he is eating dinner with his grandfather keep changing between shots.

    • When Davy's grandfather is talking to his friend about what a big success Davy is in the United States, the boom mike is visible for some of the shots.

    • When Davy's grandfather runs away from Micky he is waving tickets at him, but in the next shot he is still writing on the chalkboard.

    • When Micky is the ticket counter man, the board behind him that says the desinations and times keeps changing between shots. There are different places, times, erase marks, and scribbles on the board between shots.

    • When the messenger ask the boys who Davy Jones is Micky points to Peter, but in the next shot he is pointing at Davy.

    • When Davy's grandfather tells Davy that he can stay, Mike's hand keeps leaving Davy's shoulder between shots.

    • When Peter is trying to talk Davy's grandfather into not flying, there are a few cases where we hear Peter speak, but his mouth does not move.

    • When The Monkees are at the airport, the same passengers can be seen walking in the background.

    • Mike uses his right hand to point at himself when the messenger asks which one of them is Davy Jones. In the next shot, Mike is using his left hand.

    • After the boy's neighbor leaves, she can still be seen in the apartment during all the arguements.

    • When Davy tells Mike he is so hungry he could eat a horse, their is a cut-away of Mike, Peter, and Micky pulling on a horse. This shot will be seen a few weeks later in the episode "Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth". However, this clip is reversed because the letters on the wall are backwards.

    • When Peter tries to get Davy's attention he uses his right hand, but in the close up shots he uses his left hand.

    • Peter uses his right hand to point at the Ice Cream Man's jacket, but in the next shot he is now using his left hand.

    • Peter uses his left hand to point at Davy when the messenger asks who is Davy Jones. In the next shot, however, he is using his right hand to point at Davy.

    • Mike and Peter have the same swimsuit with opposite colors. Mike's is blue with red trim near the white strip while Peter's is red with blue trim near the white strip.

    • When Peter asks why he has to be the dummy, his arms are uncrossed, but a second later they are crossed.

    • Some of the beach footage of Davy walking is the same as in "The Pilot."

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Grandfather: Aye, I better go!
      Micky: (dressed as an airport ticket man) One moment, sir! You haven't selected your seat. Now, sir, do you have any preferences?
      Grandfather: No, no...anywhere.
      Micky: Well, I'll give you 10A, that's over the wing.
      (Micky laughs)
      Grandfather: Fine.
      Micky: Of course, a lot of people would rather sit inside the plane.
      (Micky laughs)

    • Mike: (dressed as an airport driver) Hi! Late for your plane, sir?
      Grandfather: Aye, I am!
      Mike: Oh, where are you going?
      Grandfather: London, England
      Mike: Fine...we'll take the freeway!

    • Davy: Micky, as my chauffer, how would you help a lady into the backseat of a car?
      Micky: (smiling eagarly) As quick as I can!

    • Davy: What are we going to do?
      Micky: What do you mean what are we going to do. It's your problem.
      Davy: If he finds out I'm not a success he going to take me back to England. I'll have to leave the group.
      Micky: That's what I said...what are we going to do.

    • Messenger: Which one of you guys is Davy Jones?
      Monkee: (pointing to themselves) I am.
      Messenger: I've got a wire collect.
      Monkees: (all pointing to someone else) He is.

  • NOTES (7)