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The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 15

Too Many Girls (a.k.a. Davy and Fern)

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Dec 19, 1966 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Too Many Girls (a.k.a. Davy and Fern)
David is going through a girl crazy phase. Everywhere he looks, there's a girl, and it's causing problems during the band's rehearsals.
The Monkees take Davy to see a tea reader for a cure but the gypsy sees the lovesick Monkee as the perfect match for her daughter. She sets up a scam to trick him into leaving the band and marrying her daughter.
The other Monkees come to Davy's rescue by exposing the scam.
Monkee Music: "I'm a Believer." Also listen for Mike to perform a very short version of "Different Drum," a song he penned that was covered by Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys.

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    Jeff DeBenning

    Jeff DeBenning

    Mr. Hack

    Guest Star

    Kelly Jean Peters

    Kelly Jean Peters

    Fern Badderly

    Guest Star

    Reta Shaw

    Reta Shaw


    Guest Star

    David Price

    David Price

    Himself (cameo)

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (14)

      • There are times during the episode where Fern and Davy are the same height and other times when Fern is taller than Davy, sometimes in the same scene.

      • After the boys get all the girls out of the apartment, Mike is holding his guitar upright, but in the next shot the neck of the guitar is pointing down.

      • When Davy is staring at all the girls, his maracas keep changing positions in his hands.

      • When the boys "knock on wood", Davy and Micky knock on the table with the right hands and the other hand is resting on the table. When the camera changes to all four boys Micky and Davy are still knocking on the table, but they have their head resting on their left hands.

      • Fern throws down her cane with her right hand after Davy messes up the song, but in the shot she is holding he hat in her right hand.

      • When Micky joins Mike and Peter, he is on the left of Mike, but when the camera goes back to the three boys he is now on Mike's right.

      • When Peter dumps the milk on his head, he is completely wet, but when him and Mike are switching all of Davy's things out, he is once again dry.

      • Peter holds the magic wand while he gets the bird for the next trick, but in the next shot he is no longer holding the magic wand and instead is holding the paper bag.

      • When Peter is the Amazing Petro he brings out his supplies with no bird cage. However, when he gets out the bird from his hat a bird cage is now on the table.

      • Peter hands Mike his bass when he helps Micky get rid of one of the girls in the apartment, but he still has his strap around his shoulders. However, when they get to the door the strap is now gone.

      • At the talent show, Mike sings a song called Different Drum. Mike actually wrote the song and it would become popular when Linda Ronstadt would sing it a year later.

      • While Peter is holding the split up globe, there is a knock at the door (Fern). Peter gets up with the rest to get the door, and can't unstick the globe from his hand.

      • The chain that is attached to Davy's chair is originally shown to be quite short in length, however, later when Davy breaks the chain he is able to pull it up to his chest.

      • When Davy and Fern meet for the first time they barely say more then two words to each other. Seconds later when Fern's mother comes out she reads Fern's tea leaves and says something about being on a show. Davy responds with "Yeah, that's right. She told me about that." When did Fern have time to tell Davy all about being on the show?

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Mike: It is a girl. Get him upstairs.
        Peter starts pushing Micky up the stairs
        Micky: Not me...him!

      • Mike: Hey, come on Davy, let's play some cards.
        Davy: I'm going crazy! You can't lock me up like this. Why ya doing it to me? You can't lock me up like an animal. (to self) I know why he's doing's cause I'm short...that's why!

      • Badderly: Well! I see that with twenty-four hours you're going to meet a girl and fall in love.
        Mike: Oh, well, he does that every day.

      • Badderly: I understand you young men would like to have your tea leaves read.
        Micky: Oh, no. I'm going to bring mine home.
        Davy: Why?
        Micky: It will give me something to read in bed.

      • Davy: Care for a spot of tea?
        Micky: I'd rather have a whole cup.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Another most notable about this episode, is how Fern's cleavage is smudged up on the camera shot when she is wearing her scantily clad bikini.

      • This is the only episode of the first season to use the 1st season opening for the repeats of the Monkees' episodes. And the guys are introduced in a different order. Here, it's Micky, Mike, Davy, and Peter. All other episodes use the 2nd season opening with the usual intro order as Davy, Micky, Mike, and Peter.

      • Features the songs: "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" and "I'm a Believer," and a clip from rival show Iron Horse, which aired on ABC directly opposite The Monkees!

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