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The Monkees

Season 1 Episode 4

Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Oct 03, 1966 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers
The Monkees reach the finals of a contest for a recording deal. Their performance is interrupted by another group's manager, who promises to help them through the use of various publicity stunts, which are designed to actually help his other band.

Monkee Music Includes: Let's Dance On, (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone and Last Train to Clarksville.moreless

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  • When the boys find themselves having to find publicity for an upcoming music contest they find themselves in over their heads. Espeically when they find out the supposed "kidnppers" are in fact really kidnappers.moreless

    I really enjoy watching the boys trying one publicity stunt after the other in order to please their publicity manager. However, unfortuately for the Monkees nothing seems to work and they soon find themselves in harms way when the supposed actors their publicity manager hires turn out to be real kidnappers.

    In this episode, Micky uses his brains and charm to come up with one idea after the other to help them escape, however all but one actually works. I am still trying to figure out why they just didn't go out the window when Mike specifically says they are one the first floor. The writers probably wanted some good laughs rather than do the obvious.

    This is a fun episode to watch and helps to foreshadow what the series is going to be like....the boys always getting in over their heads, but with humor and charm always win in the end.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (36)

    • When Peter bumps into table number 2, there is a girl with a yellow shirt sitting at the table. A few seconds later, she is on the other side of the room dancing.

    • The "Bus Stop" sign inside goes from the left side of the door to the right side of the door.

    • The background changes when the Monkees finish Last Train to Clarksville. The curtains change to a different color.

    • When Davy hit George and Horace over the head with the sledgehammer he takes off running with the other boys, but in the next shot of the boys running he no longer has the sledgehammer.

    • Peter helps the boys get George and Horace into the bedroom, but in the next shot he is now in the middle of the kitchen telling the time.

    • The scene where Davy starts the jukebox is shown twice.

    • In the opening scene, Davy has two maracas in each hand, but in the close up shot he doesn't have any in his left hand.

    • When Micky is acting like the mad scientist, he holds the secret bottle above his head, but in the next shot his arms are down lower.

    • Micky has a bandaid on his left thumb when the truth comes about Trump and kidnappers, but when the boys are locked in the bedroom, he no longer has it.

    • The scene where Micky puts his hand over his eyes after finding our Trump is the manager for the Four Swines is shown twice at different distances.

    • Micky's buttons on his shirt cuffs go from unbuttoned to button and then back to unbuttoned.

    • Micky's head changes positions when he tells Trump to be careful because he may not be able to play the guitar again.

    • When the boys are getting their handprints in cement, the cement is suppose to be quick drying, but when the boys are trying to remove their hands you can see that it is not solid yet.

    • When the boys are getting their handprints in cement, Micky is looking at the camera and then he looks at Peter, but in the next shot he is looking back at the camera.

    • During the party scene, one of the stage lights can be seen.

    • When Trump walks over to the phone he is still carrying the sledgehammer, but when he picks up the phone he no longer has it.

    • When the boys discuss whether or not to be "kidnapped", Mike begins to walk around the chair, but in the next shot he is already behind the chair.

    • When Mike is on the pogo stick, you can hear his feet landing on the floor every time he jumps proving he is not really on the pogo stick.

    • When first meets the boys in their apartment, the door behind him shuts, but no one is around to shut it.

    • When the boys come into the kitchen while threatening George and Horace with the unknown explosive the bedroom door is open, but in the next shot it is closed. However, when they capture George and Horace it is open again.

    • In the close up shots where the boys figure out that the kidnappers are really kidnappers, no one is standing in front of Peter, but for the far away shots he is standing behind Davy and Mike.

    • During the party scene, Peter answers the door, but in the next shot he is clear on the other side of the room.

    • The little boy hits Peter over the head with his autograph book and messes up Peter's hair. However, in the next shot his hair is no longer messed up.

    • When Trump is trying to talk the Monkees, Peter is sitting to the left of Davy, but in one shot he is no longer sitting there.

    • The people at the party constantly change locations in the apartment.

    • Whenever it is time for the boys to dance, in any episode, Mike never dances.

    • When George threatens to hit the boys because they won't tell him where Davy is, Horace's hands are at his side, but a second later his right hand is on George's arm.

    • When Horace answers the phone he is holding a bag of cement in both hands. However, half way through the call, one of his hands is now holding the phone.

    • When the boys' hands are in the cement block, you can see that their hands are in a powder to make it look like their hands are stuck in the cement.

    • The two Asian children at the handprint ceremony switch positions when they walk away from the boys.

    • A number of stills taken from scenes in this episode show up as pictures on the back cover of the first Monkees album, including a shot of the Monkees with their hands in the sidewalk cement, and a shot of Davy, Mike and Mickey attempting to use Peter as a battering ram.

    • In the second series their room was upstairs.

    • After the first time Nick Trump says to the Monkees that "Every group must subject to publicity."- the shot goes back to the boys and you can see Davy very clearly looking at the camera and laughing.

    • More of a nitpick- If the boys were on the first floor, why didn't they just leave out the window?

    • During the "Party at Davy's!" scene, the girl with the green skirt and yellow shirt comes in twice (the second time with pretzels).

    • The boys leave their pad wearing tuxedos, but arrive at the contest wearing their red shirts and grey pants.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Micky: I've got a roll of pennies.
      Mike: Very good. Now were going to bribe our way out.

    • Bob: Hey fellas, fellas, wait one second will ya, before you go home?
      Peter: What?!
      Bob: Take a seat for a second, will ya fellas?
      Davy: Can we go?
      Bob:'s just that we're a minute short and we've got to talk about something, huh?
      Micky: Again?
      Davy: Another minute short?!
      Bob: Yeah. The camera is rolling.
      Peter: Why don't you time your shows better?!

    • (Micky rips a sheet in half)
      Micky: Hey, hold the end of this and we'll lower ourselves to the ground.
      Mike: Micky, were on the first floor.
      Micky: Oh, can we lower ourselves to the roof?
      Peter: Hey! Those our my sheets!

    • (Mike, Davy, and Micky are getting ready to throw Peter out of the window)
      Monkees: One, two...
      Davy: Hold it, hold it! Hey, this is very thoughtless of us, you know.
      Mike: Why?
      Davy: He might land on somebody.

    • Davy: It should be easy to get out of a locked room. I've seen it in dozens of movies.
      Micky: I think I've got an idea.
      Mike: What, what, what, what, what?
      Micky: I can't think with this bulb hanging over my head.
      (light bulb disappears)
      Micky: Thank you! We'll throw something out of the window to attract a passerby.
      Davy: Great idea.
      Mike: Yeah, but what will we throw?
      Peter: We better hurry. It's 7:35!
      Micky: Peter!

    • Horace: (on the phone with Trump) Mr. Trump, I've got the new revised figures here. With 38 people there's $19,420.
      Trump: Now look, Horace, I'm comin' over.
      Horace: No! Don't come over.
      Trump: Why not?
      Horace: You can't get in without a reservation.

    • (Davy is dancing with a girl)
      George: Excuse me, sonny. Are you Davy Jones?
      Davy: Yeah, that's right.
      George: You're coming with me, buster.
      Davy: Oh, you must be the actor Mr. Trump sent.
      George: I'm warning you! You better come peaceful like.
      Davy: I'll tell you what, wait 'til the end of this song. Why don't you stick around and try to look inconspicuous
      (George starts dancing, badly)
      Davy: Hey, man, forget it. Let's go!

    • Horace: George, what is this? This is no person, this is a dummy.
      George: Oh, yeah, I thought he had a kinda stupid, wooden expression.
      (George starts untying Peter)
      Horace: Not that dummy, dummy! This dummy!

    • (Mike answers the door)
      Horace: Oh, excuse me.
      Mike: Mmm, huh.
      Horace: Is this 1334 Beachwood?
      Mike: Right.
      Horace: Thank you, young man.
      (Horace closes the door and then busts through it again.)
      Horace: Okay, you dirty rats! Drop everything and reach for the sky!

    • (Micky, Mike, and Peter are standing in front of a mirror)
      Mike: You know it's getting late, man. I wish Davy would come on.
      Micky: Never mind Davy, where are Trump's actors? They should be here by now, man.
      Peter: If there's one thing I can't stand is late kidnappers.

    • Nick: You've every been, uh, kidnapped?
      Mike: Uh, no. Any of you guys?
      Micky: I was kidnapped when I was a kid once, but my family was so poor that they gave the ransom note to the neighbors.

    • (Nick is getting them out of the cement with a sledgehammer)
      Micky: Careful! I may never play the guitar again.
      Davy: But your the drummer.
      Micky: Oh, that's right. Okay, go ahead.

    • Waitress: May I take your order, now?
      Micky: Oh, nothing for us, thanks. We just came in to have our clothes ripped off.

    • Nick: Hey, what are you doing? Mixing a drink?
      (Peter is shaking a drink mixer)
      Peter: No, I'm just washing my socks.

    • Nick: Don't you want to be famous? The ideal of millions?
      Davy: No, we just want to be revered by a small minority.
      Nick: A small minority?
      Micky: (as Groucho Marx) Small minority, small minority...ha, a tribe of African Pigmies. Get it? Pigmies...ha,ha, hum, small minority.

    • Mike: One, two, three...
      (Monkees start playing, but it comes out classical music via a record player)
      Peter: Hey, is that the way we rehearsed it?

  • NOTES (5)

    • 9,830,000 viewers watched this episode.

    • This episode was the ninth episode shot and it was filmed between July 25 and July 29 1966.

    • The Monkees' first single, Last Train To Clarksville, is #6 on Billboard's Top 100 during the week this episode is shown. It was #26 last week.

    • Features the songs: "Let's Dance On," "Last Train to Clarksville" and "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone." "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" and "The Girl I Knew Somewhere" replaced the old tunes for this episode's retelecast on May 15, 1967, and "Do You Feel It Too?" was dubbed into its soundtrack for its repeats on CBS Saturday.

    • At the end of the episode, Mike Nesmith is interviewed about people from his past.


    • Micky does his impression of Groucho Marx.

      Groucho Marx was one of the four Marx brothers. The others included Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo Marx. Many people said that the Monkees were a combination of The Beatles and The Marx Brothers.