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Monkey Dust

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A cutting edge comedy animation painting a fabulously warped satirical view of Britain ... Welcome to your very own urban nightmare - a nocturnal world populated by the sad, the lonely and the emotionally crippled on the wrong side of sunlight. Its' satirical targets range across the whole spectrum of Cruel Britannia from dysfunctional families to heartless government departments. A piece of genuinely brilliant programming. Damn, it feels good to be treated like a grown-up for once. Monkey Dust alone has justified the existence of BBC Three. Dark, compelling and utterly unmissable television. The Observer The smartest thing on television by a million crooked light years. Brilliant satire and crude rudery of the highest order. This is where you go when you graduate from South Park. A.A. Gill The Sunday Times Monkey Dust is a nimble, itchy triggered little guerilla unit of an animated sketch show. It offers the first plausible answer to the question, "What is BBC3 for?" It's also a definitively dystopian portrait of the UK, far more effective in that capacity than Little Britain, which is often funny, but stretches any claim to be more than character comedy. The simple device of farming out strands to different animators keeps Monkey Dust visually fresh, and allows writers Harry Thompson and Shaun Pye to stage jokes that would be impossible in live action. Wish-fulfilment, loathing and the desire for revenge. Three staples of humour. The Mail on Sunday (Yes, that Mail on Sunday) Possibly the best programme of all time. Q Magazine January 2005: Series Three sees the return of old favourites such as Ivan Dobsky the falsely-imprisoned mass-murderer; Omar, Abdul and Shafiq the would-be terrorists from West Bromwich; and the Paedofinder-General now booked for a regular slot. New characters include Fran Chappell an ordinary mum who uses her daughter's disappearance as the springboard to launch a showbiz career, and Noodles the lab rabbit who bounces back like Tom and Jerry from every unpleasant experiment.

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  • The humour is dark and dirty, you feel naughty cracking a wry smile at the most depraved moments, but you just can't help yourself, the laughter will burst out at the most inopportune moments,the dark humour inside will out itself!!moreless

    Nobody cries in Monkey Dust - a sense of dislocation pervades and everybody just accepts their fate, resigned to the inevitable. Everyday absurdities fly on past like murderous crows (they have those where you live, right?) - a mood engendered by the lazily ambient music soundtrack that has that woozy Blue Jam three-in-the-morning feel. At its heart, Monkey Dust is the stuff of urban nightmares. The animation allows them to go places other sketch shows can't or don't dare. As BBC1 lurches from one sitcom disaster to the next, it's comforting to know that BBC3 is emerging as the new breeding ground for cutting-edge comedy and drama. Monkey Dust is f*cked up but it's funny.moreless
  • A dark and surreal cartoon

    This is British cartoon making at its best, Dark, cynical and surreal.

    I just love the way it pokes fun at britains dark underbelly in a surreal and ironic way.

    I love the character who are SO unPC including the suicide bombers from smethwick and ivan dobsky the serial killing spacehopper obsessed innocent jail bird who only said he done it to stop the police from tortureing him but he keeps killing people when they release him.

    Only in Britain can this sort of cartoon be made.

    Pure classmoreless
  • A show I got into after going on the bbc comedy website while bored, Monkey Dust is one of the most twisted shows i have ever seen. Every episode is in parts hilarious, horrifying revolting and absolute genius comedy.moreless

    Monkey Dust is one of those shows that you watch at night when the rest of the family is in bed, and you change the channel when you hear a bump outside the door that might indicate someone coming in to see what your watching. About as far from a "kid's show" as you can possibly get, it puts to bed the old lie that cartoon shows are for children. Having only seen series one (which i bought on DVD off of eBay) i have only seen a small portion of the twisted material that makes up this show. My personal favourites are the Classically-Trained Actor, a man who "mostly gets voice-overs", who has me in stiches every time he is on screen. Episode 6 of series 1 contains several brilliantly done sketches involving The Cyclists, which really have to be seen to be fully appreciated. Another genius sketch is the 'Look Who's Talking'-style baby, who's thoughts about his parents attempts at naming him are what everyone watching is thinking, names that no-one would wish on anyone but their worst enemy. Ivan Dobsky, the Meat-Safe Murderer, always provides some sinister laughs when teamed up with 'Mr Hoppy', Divorced Dad's attempts to connect with his son are genuinely depressing, and Geoff the First-Time Cottager is a much more desperate and cringe-worthy (not to say perverted) version of Colin, the office joker from the Fast Show.

    However, its not all gold. The Chatroom Pervert doesn't always hit the mark, and is almost TOO repellant for the sketch to work (barring the outcome of the sketch in episode 6); The Yuppies are genuinely irritating, which was obviously the point, but the sketch is not enjoyable to watch. The Image Consulting Firm is obviously an attack on the recent fad of rebranding companies that are fine the way they are (such as Royal Mail becoming Consignia becoming Royal Mail), but again it does not really work as a straight comedy sketch.

    Having said that, the show taken as a whole is a genuinely genius comedy sketch show. Most of the sketches are two or more out of: hilarious, revolting, disturbing, worrying (because you see yourself in the loser main character), etc. While it is true that some segments do not work, or fail in achieving the effect they were made for in the first place, this is true of almost all comedy shows. Taken in its entirety, any one episode of Monkey Dust will contain something for everyone (within reason: probably not a Watch-With-Mother program) from the viewer wanting cultural satire, to the South Park graduate looking for better done toilet humour, to the Family Guy lover looking for humour that is just so random and crazy that you can't help but laugh. A brilliant show with lots of potential to get even better, I defy anyone who watches this show not to put up a sign in their office saying "No W**kers". 9/10moreless
  • An amusing television show, although a bit too dark at times.

    Monkey Dust is a rather dark and disturbing cartoon, even though it is a comedy. It is certainly not a cartoon for children, sometimes it can be too dark to really watch, you have to be in the correct mood to want to watch it.

    Truly, the most twisted, GOOD show out there. However, the changing animation styles from segment to segment may be rather distracting.
  • An excellent piece of dirty comedy.

    This is probably the most confusing, original, dirty yet hilariously funny program i can think of. Packed with hilarious shorts, dirty sketches and brilliant spoofs throughout the program.

    The show varies in sense of humour, nature and sketches all the time, maybe putting some people off because they tune in to watch it at the wrong time. But there must be something in there for everyone if you look hard enough.
  • 5:30 pm
    Thursday Night Football
  • 8:00 pm
    The Biggest Loser The Knockout
  • 9:00 pm
    OK! TV

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