Monkey Magic

Season 1 Episode 1

Enter Stone Monkey

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1998 on
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Enter Stone Monkey
Dearth Voyd discovers that a meteor is going to fall on the Earth. So, he sends Batty to find the Meteor and bring it back for his use. Meanwhile, an egg begins to hatch on top of a mountain that could change monkeys forever...

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  • First Monkey ever

    This is the first episode of a great show.

    The beginning of monkey is great. "Monkey" king of apes is a loud, egotistical guy that likes nothing better than to do what ever he wants. Which is manly eating, fighting and flirting with girls.

    He is attacked by demons in his cave home and decides to go and teach a demon king a lesson. We get to see 2 of his magic tricks - his flying cloud for transport and his magic chest hairs - which he uses to summon men to fight with him against the demon king.

    After defeating the demon king Monkey returns home and asks his servants about getting a weapon.

    as he believes a great king needs a great weapon. He then sets off and encounters a dragon king to ask for this weapon. The dragon king's daughter shows him a magic staff that nobody can lift. After a few commands Monkey is able to change the staff's size and make it bigger or smaller. Therefor able to take the staff with him.

    In this world the idea of creatures on earth having thought is big deal in heaven. Not only that but Monkey is looking to better himself by becoming enlighten and wanting to get into heaven. His actions are making people in heaven very nervous. So the Jade Emperor (the king in heaven) invites him up to heaven to talk with him. They offer him food and a great title of being the heavenly title of stable hand. Monkey is insulted by the idea of manual labour and decides to smash up the place in protest.

    While in heaven he also encounters 2 of the Jade emperor's servants. One of these is referred to by the narrator as Sandy and the other as Pigsy. They will become his travelling companions later in the show.

    The Jade emperor then makes Monkey in charge of the heavenly peach garden.

    The peaches are said to give people immortality. Instead of guarding it Monkey decides to eat the peaches in doing so gains Immortality. The Jade emperor decides to have a peach banquet that day and his servant girls discover all of the ripe peaches are gone. After the head of the servant girl label's Monkey as just a big ape. Monkey declares war.

    He chase the girls and comes across heavenly Pigsy and Sandy who he fights with.

    Sandy breaks the Jade emperor's sacred fish cup in the fight and the emperor banishes Sandy to earth, to become a Water monster.

    After getting drunk and hitting on the Emperor's mistress, Pigsy is also banished to earth to become a Pig monster.

    Monkey on the other hand is on the war path and beating down the Emperor's men. The Emperor calls upon Budda for help. Budda talks to Monkey about what he wants. Monkey is pretty keen on becoming the emperor of heaven himself. Budda gives Monkey a challenge to fly out of her/his hand. Monkey uses his cloud to fly to the end of the universe. He decides to graffiti the pillars at end of the universe. When he gets back he learns that the pillars were in fact Budda's fingers. She shows him the graffiti on her finger as proof. As punishment, for Monkey's misbehaviour, Budda buries Monkey under a pile of rocks.

    After 500 years without Monkey around. The people on earth go wild and steal and kill and burn things.

    In a ravished village a lonely priest, Tripitaka, prays to Budda for help.

    Budda answers the priest and assembles help. A pig monster (Pigsy), a water monster (Sandy) and Monkey!moreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Lord Refang / Milesight / Guardian / South General

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

Batty Dopuck / Broady / Slimelord / West General

Cathy Weseluck

Cathy Weseluck

Empress Dowager

Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis

Prince Nata

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Dearth Void / Master / North General / Subodye

Ted Cole

Ted Cole


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