Monkey Magic

Season 1 Episode 2

Wild Trance-formation

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1998 on
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Wild Trance-formation
As Stone Monkey climbs the mountain, Subodye's disciples stop him. They challenge him. Stone Monkey passes their test, but they won't let him through. Subodye sees this and takes action, letting him through himself. Subodye then shows all of his disciples the clone technique, but it's not that simple. He tells his disciples that who ever discovers that technique first will be ranked number one!moreless

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  • Funky is monkey


    Just a point the Monkey theme song rocks.

    This episodes finds Monkey in his rock prison.

    Being feed balls of iron and liquid copper by a spirit to keep him alive (not even Chuck Norris could do that). Don't worry the Spirit will be back in 10yrs to feed him again. Monkey is to learn patience. Budda is waiting for the right time to release him.

    Budda has decided to get holy scriptures to mankind. Budda wants to find a holy man to give the scriptures too. The Lady Compassion decides to go and find him. Lady Compassion decides to go to earth in a male body. (Budda is in the form of woman in this one so why not)

    They lady Compassion comes across Sandy (Sandy wears his signature outfit of plate on his head, a necklace made out of skulls and carries a staff which has a moon shape at one end and broom shaped paddle at the other). Sandy advises that he is not qualified for anything on earth except for being an angel in heaven and the only thing he can do is eat people on earth. Lady Compassion gives Sandy the title of holy Disciple.

    Lady Compassion then encounters Pigsy (now in pig form with pointy ears and caring a weapon shaped like a rake). Pigsy also attacks them and when he finds out he begs Lady Compassion for forgiveness and she allows Pigsy to become a holy Disciple as well.

    They (Sandy and Pigsy) both agree and also agree to follow monkey and do what he says in order to get back into heaven.

    Lady Compassion then goes back to heaven and encounters a crying dragon. The dragon tears are causing floods on earth. The lady advises the dragon to help Monkey and the priest Tripitaka and sends the dragon to earth.

    Lady then visits Monkey who is still stuck in the rock prison. He is advises he will be freed if he helps Tripitaka on his quest to get the holy scriptures in India from Budda.

    Tripitaka (who is buddist priest, who was played in this show by a hot girl) leaves his monastery on his quest for answers. Tripitaka confronts his real mother after she abandoned him at the monastery all those years ago. Tripitaka's mother sends him to find his grandfather and tell him that she is being in prisoned by a demon, who killed Tripitaka's real father and transformed himself to look like Tripitaka's father (I don't think they have done that on Bold and the Beautiful yet). The grandfather than goes to the emperor for help. The emperor then sends his army to help Tripitaka's mother. The army capture them and put the demon to death along with his followers.

    Lady Compassion comes across Tripitaka as he prays over his father's killers. The Lady Compassion then gives Tripitaka the quest to get the scriptures and also gives the priest the name of Tripitaka.

    Tripitaka comes across Monkey in the mountains. Monkey pleads for him to get him out. Tripitaka takes the Budda's seal off the rock prison and Monkey is free.

    Monkey and Tripitaka come across bandits. Monkey is itching for a fight and kills all the bandits. Tripitaka is appalled and advises that budda doesn't like violence. He also says if Monkey wants to come he has to accept Tripitaka as the leader. Monkey refuses and takes off on his cloud.

    Tripitaka puts a crown on Monkeys head that tightens when he says a magic prayer. With that Monkey agrees to come and follow Tripitaka's orders not to kill people.

    Meanwhile Sandy and Pigsy are waiting.

    Tripitaka and Monkey come across the dragon in a river, from earlier, who attacks them and takes Tripitaka's horse. Monkey jumps in the river to rescue the horse and confront the dragon. The dragon tells Monkey he has eaten it. When Monkey reveals his name. The dragon says he is supposed to help them and turns into a white horse. (At this point the horse doesn't really do anything other than be a horse, but it is good to note that he used to be a dragon)

    Monkey, Tripitaka and the horse continue on their way. They stay in a temple for the night. Monkey shows the head abbott a fancy robe, the Abbott really likes the robe and asks to borrow it for the night. The Abbott traps them in their room. Monkey turns into a mouse to get out and see what is happening. Monkey sees the Abbott light a fire to burn them alive, the abbott must really like the robe. Monkey goes back in and uses his magic powers to get Tripitaka out, by busting out of the ceiling.

    Just when you think everyone is safe. A night demon shows up and kills the abbott and takes the fancy robe.

    Monkey goes after him and kicks his butt, however the demon gets away.

    Monkey then comes across a boy carrying the night demon's "special" pill. (This show was made in the 80's everyone is on drugs in this show) The pill is supposed to be for indigestion but also makes the demon 1000x stronger, or it might be PCP not sure. Monkey eats the pill instead and then changes himself into an identical pill. The boy delivers the pill and the demon eats it, there for ingesting Monkey. Monkey bashes the demon from the inside out. I don't want to know how he got out *cut scene*

    After a brief lesson about what happens to greedy people and the Abbott. Monkey, Tripitaka and the horse go off into the sunset.

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Lord Refang / Milesight / Guardian / South General

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

Batty Dopuck / Broady / Slimelord / West General

Cathy Weseluck

Cathy Weseluck

Empress Dowager

Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis

Prince Nata

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Dearth Void / Master / North General / Subodye

Ted Cole

Ted Cole


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