Monkey Magic

Season 1 Episode 3

Zooming on the Jet Cloud

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1998 on

Episode Recap

Kongo got excited after he saw the master on a cloud, thinking that would be his new technique that he would have to learn. He followed Subodye to through the forest to find the masters little hideout. Kongo tricked the master by playing a board game, but what the master didn't know was that the game board has a hypnosis thing on it. subodye falls fast asleep, and with Kongo's determination to find the secret scroll, he uses his transform technique to turn into a bee. He goes inside Subodye's ear to find the scroll but was unsuccesfull at first but turned out that it was behind his ear. Kongo escaped, but later on the master woke up only to find his scroll missing. He rushes out to see who stole the magic scroll, and it turns out that Kongo took it. Subodye, the others spot Kongo but the master wants to see if Kongo can recite all 1000. He proves succesful so the master challenges Kongo to a jet cloud battle. Kongo was losing at first but then he tries harder and outwits Master Subodye. Kongo rips the magic scroll to pieces. The master congratulates Kongo for his hard work, so on with Kongo's journey.