Monkey Magic

Season 1 Episode 3

Zooming on the Jet Cloud

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1998 on

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  • The Nature of Monkey was Irrepressible - the Great Journey begins


    Will refer to

    Tripitaka as T

    Monkey as M

    Pigsy as P

    Sandy as S

    The actors I think are Japanese, the show is set in China, and they are travelling to India. far out.

    Anyway T and M are travelling and M starts to complain about how far it is. They come across a crow that turns into a guy. The guy is sitting in a tree and he teases Monkey by making the tree disappear when he tries to bash it.

    But don't worry the crow guy isn't evil. The guy/crow talks to T advises him to be careful and gives him a scroll to help against evil spirits. After teasing M some more the guy/priest/crow flies off.

    M and T come to a village. Where a guy is trying to get help from people to fight a beast. Monkey loves a fight so puts his hand up. The father of the guy's house says the beast was good at the start and married his daughter, but the father says the beast got greedy and lustful and says he has magic powers and has locked his daughter in a room.

    Monkey breaks into the daughters room and the father is reunited with his daughter. They devise to set a trap for the beast when he comes home. Monkey turns into the daughter and lies in the bed.

    The beast turns out to be Pigsy. He comes home to play with his wife and she starts slapping him around. Monkey turns back to himself and they recognise each other. M lets fly with pig insults. P gives it back to the monkey too. (P and M are awesome together in these scenes )They fight for several weeks and then they becomes mates.

    T invites him along on their trip and lays done the rule for P to control his greed and lustfulness.

    After saying that P is lured away from the camp by a spider that changed into a hot girl. He goes to a house full of women. The girls turn into spiders and cover P in spiderweb.

    P is then visit by the crow guy who tells him what a lustful idiot he is and hope he has learnt his lesson.

    P,M and T then go to a restaurant where P eats 37 portions of rice. P also complains about going all the way to india.

    M then talks to P about the metal ring on his head and how it hurts when T says the magic pray. P tries to help M get it off but can't.

    M, P and T then head off and come across a river. M and P complain about how inconvenient it is to be travelling with a human because he can't fly or swim. M then sees Sandy in the water and ask him to help them get across. But before he can ask S goes under the water. M follows him and gets to S underwater cave. M tells him who is S says he has been waiting for them and returns to the surface to join them.

    T ask S to join them but says he has to stop eating people. In fact I think he becomes a vegetarian.

    After M, P and S discuss how they are going to get T across the river ( I love it when P and S start bickering like children and M steps in like the father), the crow guy shows up to help them. He gives them a red thing that S turns into a boat.

    They then cross a desert with heavy winds. The group are separated and S and T encounter the tiger ghosts. Sandy tries to fight them off but T is captured.

    T is presented to the tiger king to be eaten. The king is worried about declaring war on budda and the priest and disciples. But they tie him up and put him in food cupboard.

    M and P find S and help him and decide to rescue T. M uses his cloud to find the tiger ghost lair. He then avoids the guards be turning into moth or something. He lands on T hat and he shakes monkey off and he changes back to himself and unties T. P and S have also found the lair and beat the tiger ghost guards outside the lair to a pulp.

    M enters the kings chambers and fights with the kings guards. The king uses some kind of dust to blind M. M is still able to kick their butts even though he can't see.

    T uses some Budda trick to give M his sight back (it's looks kind of intimate actually. it would look even weirder if T wasn't a girl). After M get his sight back and P finds the Tiger Kings food and stuffs his face.

    They continue on
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