Monkey Trousers

Friday 10:00 PM on ITV Premiered May 20, 2005 Between Seasons


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Monkey Trousers

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Bringing together all the great comedy names for one show. The All star comedy show was the pilot that's led to this new 6 part series made by ITV1.

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AIRED ON 5/6/2004

Season 1 : Episode 2

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  • Simply a poor effort from some clearly tired comedians.

    This show was meant to put together some of the various stars of British comedy during the past decade to form a sketch show that combines all of their experience in comedy. However, it falls very far from the mark. The real problem here is quite simply that most of the sketches are not in any way funny, and it can be painful to watch at times to see how far some of these people have fallen. One saving grace however is that Vic and Bob don't appear to have lost their touch. The geordie astronauts, croc botherer and house salesman who known nothing about what he is selling are all great sketches, along with the Monkey Trousers titled character who is probably the most random person I've ever seen. However, nothing else on the show matches those, and just feel dull. Overall, not a sketch show that lives long in the memory, and one to avoid.moreless
  • Monkey trousers is very hit and miss, some things are really funny, whereas others leave you thinking, "what was that all about?"

    Monkey trousers has all the ingredients to be an original hilarious comedy, so when you watch it it leaves you feeling a little confused. There are some brilliant sketches like the croc botherer and the hostage negotiator (forgive my probably incorrect spelling my school is useless!)and then again there are some sketches that i really don't understand e.g. that antiques man: if the comedy in that is just the fact that he is burping then that is rather sad toilet humour, but, i could be just a clueless kid! monkey trousers is very much like another comedy out recently that was a big hit (i mention no names)but it sadly won't be as good as that. it gets funnier each time you watch it though because you are waiting to hear the phrases of the characters (i heard my dad say the proper phrase for this but i can't remember it!) but if monkey trousers keeps introducing new characters than it will lose theis effect aswell, but it isn't a bad show: great light entertainment!moreless