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"In the world before Monkey, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order, but the phoenix can fly only when it's feathers are grown. The four worlds formed again and yet again, as endless aeons wheeled and passed. Time and the pure essences of Heaven all worked upon a certain rock, old as creation. It became magically fertile. The first egg was named "Thought". Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha said "With our thoughts, we make the world". Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch. From it came a stone monkey. The nature of monkey was irrepressible!!" And so begins the tale of Monkey. Based on the 16th century Chinese story "Hsi Yu Chi" ("Journey To The West"). It tells the story of the Buddhist priest Tripitaka, and his three disciples Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy, as they travel from China to India to fetch the Buddhist scriptures. They have been sent by Buddha, and getting these scriptures will bring peace to the people of the world. On this journey, they must face many dangers and challenges. All the characters have very distinctive personalities. Monkey is a brave fighter, who has magical powers, and is very mischievous. Pigsy is less brave, and has a weakness for food and women. Sandy is the thinker, much more a thinker than a doer. Tripitaka is a sometimes naive young man, who trusts everyone, and is unaware of the evils of the world.

While the subject matter sounds serious, and although there is a religious theme, the show contains lots of humour, often highlighting the clash in personalities between the main characters.



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