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  • An interesting show that I used to watch when I was a kid with some great comedy...

    Even though this show may be old, it is a classic. The story is about a holy monk, Tripitaka; Monkey, a monkey born out of the Earth; Pigsy, a pig spirit whom was expelled from Heaven for liking girls too much; Sandy, a fish spirit, also expelled from Heaven and the trusty Horse, who was once a dragon, evolving into a human on their way to India to find holy scriptures, to protect the world from demons.

    The series, has spared no expense of the special effects/graphic side of the series, but that just makes it all the better! Monkey, has an interesting plot, even though each episode basically is stopping/destroying demons because of the light humour, cheap special effects and the personalities of each of the characters. The acting can be over the top, but you don't really notice it much, because the show keeps you fairly entertained. The actors are Japanese even though its based on a Chinese Novel and set in China. What amused me more is that the actor for Tripitaka was a female. To go with the special effects is the action and magic that Monkey and his comrads bring into the show. Even though the fights scenes can be ridiculous at times, it is funny and just adds to the charm that Monkey provides.

    A show that I remember watching as a kid, and a show that I have the complete collection of. A worthwhile show that is sure to keep you entertained.