Monochrome Factor

TV Tokyo (ended 2008)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Shadow of King
      Shadow of King
      Episode 24
      After discovering the true identity of Ushi-sama, Akira and the others follow him to Mount Fuji where they encounter the King of Darkness himself. It is then up to Akira and Shirogane to stop him so that Akira and his friends can return to their average lives.
    • Shadow of Truth
      Shadow of Truth
      Episode 23
      Akira and co. head to Haruka's mansion, but no sooner do they arive than they are confronted by Ushi-sama and Ruru, along with a bunch of Kokuchi. Akira, Aya, and Kengo succeed in defeating the Kokuchi and in the process the true identity of Ushi-sama is exposed along with the fate of Shirogane.moreless
    • Shadow's Betrayal
      Shadow's Betrayal
      Episode 22
      When the gateways to the darkness reopen, a huge number of Kokuchi's appear. However, as Akira, Kengo and Aya rush to deal with the numerous attacks, Haruka reveals Shirogane appears to have betrayed them.
    • Shadow of the White Horse
      An old friend of Kouni who happens to be a European Prince arrives in town after fleeing an assassination attempt. However, when the assassin tries again, it turns out that the situation is more complicated than Kouni first thought. Things only get more complicated when the Prince is possessd by a Kokuchi.moreless
    • Shadow of Devastation
      Haruka asks Akira to help a butler who is about to be fired. However, the butlers jealous towards Akira leads to being possessed by a Kokuchi.
    • Shadow of Paradise
      Shadow of Paradise
      Episode 19
      Akira, Aya, Kouni, and Kengo all head off to a deserted island owned by Haruka to discuss the Kokuchi and come up with a new strategy for dealing with them. However, during the night, Kengo is attacked and the culprit can only be someone on the island.
    • Shadow of Encounter
      Akira gets dragged along by Aya and Kou to spy on Kengo's date. It is then that Akira spots Shirogane and Ruru together.
    • W of Shadow
      W of Shadow
      Episode 17
      Aya and Kengo each blackmail Akira in to helping with their respective clubs. As such, Akira is made to join both the tennis and boxing club after school. Unfortunately, the upcoming tennis and boxing matches are on the same day, which leads to the two club leaders fighting over Akira. Inevitably, Kokuchi appear and possess the opposing captains.moreless
    • Portrait of Shadow
      Portrait of Shadow
      Episode 16
      After coming across a picture by the famous artist Momiji that looked suspiciously like Akira in his Shadow form fighting against Kokuchi, the group start to investigate. It is then that they encounter an embittered and vengeful artist who is no longer able to draw.
    • Healing Shadow
      Healing Shadow
      Episode 15
      Aya is tasked with investigating the 5 mysteries at the High School. However, because she is afraid of ghosts, she has Akira, Kengo and Shirogane help her. In the end, all five of the mysteries turn out to be fakes. But just as they think their work is done, they encounter a disillusioned doctor.moreless
    • Dangerous Shadow
      Dangerous Shadow
      Episode 14
      Kouni is tasked with separating a Mafia Boss's son from his girlfriend. Unfortunately the girlfriend happens to be Mayu and where there are broken hearts there is often a kokuchi.
    • The Shadow of Mitsuhito
      Akira, Kengo and Aya encounter an old friend, Kouni who has been challenged to a fight by three strong-looking guys. However, Kou is so fast that he easily defeat them. Later that day Shirogane sneaks out to meet with Kouni but Akira along with Aya and Kengo follow him. Kouni says he will serve Akira, his King.moreless
    • Annihilating Shadow
      Determinded to save Shirogane the team heads out to take him back. At the same time, Shirogane is being tortured but isn't showing any signs of weakness. Akira and Co. then arrives and, during the fight with Nanaya, Akira gaines a new weapon and stronger powers.
    • Impatient Shadow
      Impatient Shadow
      Episode 11
      Shirogane has a weird dream and gets sick. With him becoming sick, the team delays their plans on how to beat Nanaya and lets him rest for a while. However, Nanaya, enraged that his boss has given up hope on him, kidnaps Kengo and Aya in order to lure our Shirogane. With Shirogane in bed, Akira sets out to save his friends, but he is almost killed by Nanaya. Shirogane comes and saves Akira and collapses. Nanaya, seeing the his chance to take Shirogane, captures Shirogane and takes him away. Akira stares off into the darkness, angry that he couldn't save Shirogane.moreless
    • Shadow's Illusion
      Shadow's Illusion
      Episode 10
      A popular idol named Jun Fujisaki enrolls into Akira's school due to an "incident". Apparently, he knows Akira because they were friends back during their first year. He had asked Akira to join him in his career. However, Akira declined saying he preferred his life now. Jun admits to Akira that the incident that had occurred was a fraud. The incident involved Jun beating a man. However, Jun was forced to hit the man due to self-protection. The press and the society views Jun as a snobbish and not-so-good person, which causes him create anger inside of him. This anger interests Nanaya and he merges a Kokuchi and Jun. Akira, Kengo, Shirogane, and Aya have to fight against Jun to save him.moreless
    • Shadow of the Cottage of Forgotten Laughter
      On the request of Haruka, Akira and co. head to a strange mansion to help Yuriko whose parents have disappeared and to help her find a Jade Baby. After resting in the hot springs, Nanaya shows up and traps them with an army of Kokuchi. Yuriko's parents are discovered to have been swallowed up by the shadows. But, before they were swallowed they entrusted their wishes in a statue that saves Akira and co. The mansion is destroyed, however, Yuriko finally makes peace with her parents after finding the Jade Baby inside the statue.moreless
    • Shadow of the Sandman
      While watching a rehearsal for the acting club, two members of the Saou Boys Club ask Akira to play the part of Hamlet in their next play. Reluctant at first, Akira eventually agrees to play Hamlet. However, during the course of rehearsal, many accidents occur that threaten Akira's life. One of the Saou Boys Members, Sawaguchi (a woman who acts as the director) volunteers to play the role of Hamlet. However, Maki (a talented actor who wanted Akira to play Hamlet) will only allow Akira to play Hamlet. Sawaguchi, hurt by this fact, is possessed by a Kokuchi. After she is saved by Akira and the others, Maki and Sawaguchi express their love for each other and make the play a huge success.moreless
    • Shadow's Beauty
      Shadow's Beauty
      Episode 7
      Shou Mikami starts work at Bar Still and both Aya and Mayu apparently fall in love with him. The next day Shou and Mayu go out on a date, but later Shou reveals to Akira that he is actually a woman. As Mayu is heartbroken when she finds out the truth and the melancholic, Shou is possessed by a Kokuchi. It is then up to Akira and the others to stop her.moreless
    • Rose of Shadow
      Rose of Shadow
      Episode 6
      Akira, Kengo, and Aya are invited to Haruka Kujou's house where they are attacked by Kyou and Rin, who escaped by manipulating Kengo. As Akira and Aya fight them Aya reacts to her Kuresame, gaining samurai armor and a katana. After the former servants are defeated defeating the former servants Haruka befriends Akira.moreless
    • Shadow's Back
      Shadow's Back
      Episode 5
      Akira and Kengo have a fight that forms a rift in their friendship. Will they be able to patch things up or will the darkness within Kengo lead to him being possessed? And we learn more about the mysterious stranger with the eyepatch who's been pulling the strings from the start, as well as Shirogane.moreless
    • Sword of Shadow
      Sword of Shadow
      Episode 4
      Akira explains to Kengo about the Kokuchi and Shirogane as Aya forces them to watch her Kendo lesson with Hiroki Tsukikage. The following day, news of a Sword-Killer, who happens to be a Kokuchi possessed Hiroki, spreads. As Akira and Kengo try to defeat the Kokuchi, Aya awakens her latent powers and defeats it herself. Afterwards, Shirogane persuades Akira into having comrades.moreless
    • Violating Shadow
      Violating Shadow
      Episode 3
      Kengo's sister, Mayu, bumps into Akira at the Bar Still while he's there with Shirogane and notices Shirogane. Will her strong reikan and desire for Akira lead to problems for Mayu and Kengo?
    • Shadow's Scar
      Shadow's Scar
      Episode 2
      While fighting off a Kokushi during school hours, Akira and Shirogane join forces yet again to defeat it. After the battle, Akira gets hurt in his shoulder and Shirogane is hurt badly from being bitten by the Kokushi. Shirogane then leads Akira to his "Master" at the Bar Still in order for the two to get recovered. While they visit the Master, Akira demands more explanation from Shirogane and receives an item that will enable him to be seen by normal humans.moreless
    • Silver-Coloured Shadow
      Akira Nokaido is a typical slacker. On his way home from school, he meets a man named Shirogane. Although he has no interest in what Shirogane has to say, the strange man reveals they will meet again. What does Shirogane want with Akira?
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