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Merv Griffin got the rights from Parker Brothers to produce this memorable short-lived prime time summer series, produced in stereo for ABC.

Three contestants competed (red/gold/green) in this crossword clue game. The first round had contestants earning properties by correctly guessing the crossword clue (if no one guessed, another toss-up was asked & the price of the property was slashed in half IE: North Carolina Ave. for $150). Then if two or all three owned a different property, it would be fought out until one player has a monopoly! Eight properties were settled.

During commercial, the landlords (contestants) placed houses & hotels ($50 each no matter what area, but must build evenly) on their property(ies).

Round two had the hostess toss the dice as they went around the board. When landing on a property, the owner gets a crack to answer the question. If not, the opponents could steal that rent.

Besides the Community Chest & Chance, there was...

RAILROADS: Whoever answers the toss-up gets to go to an opponent's monopoly. There they must answer three (or two) clues correctly to take over that monopoly. A miss would cost them the rent (IE: Hotel on Pennsylvania; $1,400).

UTILITIES: Toss up question played for 10x the throw of the dice.

INCOME TAX: 10% of cash on hand.

JAIL: Hostess locked contestants up (NO!). Just pay the $50.

FREE PARKING: A toss-up for money in Free Parking (starts @ $500, can be added through Luxury Tax, Income Tax & Jail).

After time expired, the hotels (& houses) were cashed in & the contestant with the most money won the game!

The bonus round had the contestant throw the dice. Before the round started, the player placed 4 GO TO JAIL squares (one on any square from St. Charles Place-New York Avenue, another one on any square from Kentucky-Marvin Gardens, & two on any square from Pacific Ave.-Boardwalk). The contestant had 4 rolls to go around the block (doubles earned an extra roll). For each square pass is $100. Players can take the money or hope to roll a good number. Landing on GO TO JAIL made the player lose any bonus winnings. If the player passed GO, s/he collects $25,000! If they exactly land on GO, it paid $50,000 (which never happened).


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