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Monster Allergy

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Monster Allergy is based on the international best-selling comic book series of the same name. The series follows 12-year-old Zick who suffers from allergies and discovers that he has the ability to see the invisible, supernatural monsters that live among us. Along with help of his best friend Elena and his talking cat, Timothy, Zick hopes to hone his powers to one day become a Monster Tamer just like his dad.

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    • Monster Allergy is a brilliantly animated cartoon show that debuted on Kids' WB in the September of 2006.

      I was not sure how this series would turn out but I was pleasantly surprised at the premiere. As the series progressed, the characters and storylines have really improved. It's an interesting series about a boy named Zick who has monster tamer powers. Once he descovers that he is a monster tamer, Zick sets out to control his powers. He also has many 'side-kicks' that make for an entertaining experience. One of the more notable side characters in the show is Bombo, but Zick's friend Elena is also interesting to watch. Overall, this is a very interesting show and it is a shame that Kids' WB cancelled it.moreless
    • A show with a rather interesting plot.

      This might not be the best work of the creators of W.I.T.C.H. but it's not their worst either. This series is probably one of the best of its kind, because not many series can capture the essence of the story, especially when they are adapted from a comic book. The visual aspect of the series is very cool. It's almost a crossover between Ghostbusters and the original Twilight Zone, if I ever saw one. As for the characters themselves, they are cool and very funny. Zick and Elena form a pair of unbeatable monster hunters. There's humour and action for all tastes, and the monsters in the series give us a glimpse of a world that nobody can see, unless they have the "Sight". Radical, and very colourful. It deserves a 9, because I feel that is not entirely perfect, but it's not a waste of time watching it, like so many people claim it to be.moreless
    • A totally original series.

      I thought this show was good. But I thought Zeek's powers are cool! Especially the energy blasts, the voice thing, and the ability to see monsters. It's just too bad Kids WB (oops I mean CW 4kids) cancelled it, I mean I know it's not great but still it was cool. I hope there's a comicbook on it. I also thought the monsters' names and origins were cool too and totally original. I also thought the scenery was good too, it reminds me of Heatherfield from w.i.t.c.h. I guess it's the architeture, or maybe the geographical location of the town.moreless
    • This is pathetic! Why in the world does this show get an 7.9 out of 10?

      I watched 3 episodes, back-to-back, just to prove it's good, but it turns out to be... Hmmm... Lame! I don't know what's up with the fans of this show! The monsters aren't the only weird things in the show, even some minor characters are! One example is Elena's dad, I mean... What's up with the hair and the really short tie, he looks more like a clown! Another one is the fatty policewoman, I don't know what's in that huge hat of hers! An afro? Some characters have these weird names, such as that snobby spiked-hair girl's mom, Mrs. Smirnov, that's the dumbest Russian name I've heard! And another is Magnacat (I don't know how you spell it!) in this case by judging the name, the first thing that comes in mind is "cat", turns out the character is really a huge ugly snot. Now, for the show itself; It's not funny. Out of 3 episodes, I only laughed once. How "corny", yawn! Above all, the plot is good. The worst part of the show is the opening and closing theme song, both are the worst theme songs I've ever heard! And the dubbing is pathetic! I don't know with you watchers reading this, I'm watching the English version in Disney Channel, not the original European version (if there is). And by the way, I was lying about the rating I gave, I'm supposed to give it a... hmm... the number on Zick's shirt!moreless
    • Weird...I hate the concept of the show not realistic.

      Usually when I see this on TV I change the channel but once I tried to watch it, it sucked. It was boring IMO I don't like the plot and the concept is so not realistic I mean a kid that's a tamer and sneeze whenever a monster is near? and can put it on a box thing it's just weird. I really REALLY get bored, I dislike how the characters are drawn it's just different, There was one time I laughed though, but that's just it, it was only one time! and I'm not insulting the show or anything but seriously I just dislike it.moreless