Monster Allergy

The CW (ended 2007)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Horn of Kong
      The Horn of Kong
      Episode 26
      The reopening of the Ancient Armory is another opportunity in the world of tamers. Meanwhile, Elena is expecting a little brother and Zick and Teddy find the Horn of Kong. Magnacat had stolen it but he didn't know how to use it. Elena saw the Monster-Saur, a monster that was inactive for thousands of years. Magnacat tries to offer help to the Tamers. He was swallowed by the monster-saur together with Zick. Zick and Elena escaped it and Magnacat wa trapped inside. Zick boxed the monster-saur with Magnacat inside the monster's stomach. Zick is the first tamer to capture the monster-saur. The Barrymores and their monsters are finally free from the detention oasis and tamers and the tutors reunited again.moreless
    • The Great Escape
      The Great Escape
      Episode 25
      Magnacat causes trouble in Oldmill and Bigburg with his blimp and the help of the Dark Phantoms.
    • The Last Tamer
      The Last Tamer
      Episode 24
      Zick and Elena are preparing their test in the gym. They get into trouble when they thought that their coach is a monster. Magnacat causes trouble with his mech.
    • The Devourer
      The Devourer
      Episode 23
      Zick gets kidnapped by Magnacat. Elena stalks Jeremy to find out why he attacked Purrcy earlier. Little did she know, Jeremy is under Magnacat's control. He attacked Elena in the sewers until the plant monster stopped him. Greta gives Elena the ability of "sight" which allows her to see monsters. She goes to Pyramid Inc. to save Zick. However, things go worse when Zick cannot see monsters after his powers were absorbed too much.moreless
    • The Secret Door
      The Secret Door
      Episode 22
      Zick, Elena and Timothy are out for another adventure. Elena found the map of the ancient armory. Together with Zick and Timothy, they made their journey through the ancient armory. They battled a huge monster and brought back the loyalty of tamers and monsters. It was another plan by Magnacat to destroy Zick.moreless
    • Bewitched Party
      Bewitched Party
      Episode 21
    • The Skeleton Army
      The Skeleton Army
      Episode 20
      Magnacat begins his assault on the suspended city and the Tamers by creating his ghost skeleton army.
    • Shoes For Bombo
      Shoes For Bombo
      Episode 19
      When Bombo swallows the TeleSkates, he accidently ends up in the local "haunted" house and it's up to Zick and Elena to find him. They enter the house and find it filled with Dark Phantoms.
    • The Haunted Skyscraper
      Magnacat begins his plans by haunting Bigburg skyscrapers with an ancient monster.
    • The General Inspector
      After Zick is caught in the Tutors' Inner Sanctum, they put the Detention Oasis under inspection.
    • The Return of Magnacat
      Magnacat has been fully healed and he prepares himself to take his revenge.
    • Claws
      Episode 15
      The students of Oldmill Village are going on a field trip to the dam. Trouble starts when Magnacat's goons arrive with a were-rabbit by their side.
    • Family Reunion
      Family Reunion
      Episode 14
      Zick's and Teddy's families journeyed to Lardine's detention oasis to capture a monster.
    • Mugalak!
      Episode 13
      Zick, Elena and Teddy are on a monster adventure. They must get the breath of a monster called Mugalak. Mugalak is a monster that is responsible for the geyser in the park. Mugalak doesn't bother to make itself invisible from humans. Its breath is a cure for Zick's and Teddy's fathers. Zick's father shruk after battling magnacat and Teddy's father was turned to stone.moreless
    • The Monster Next Door
      Magnacat transforms several of Zick's classmates' parents into monsters.
    • Cat In The Pot
      Cat In The Pot
      Episode 11
      Zick and Elena try to solve the disappearance of Oldmill Village cats. In order to solve it, they'll have to do battle with the fierce Androgorkas.
    • Monster Pod Under Oldmill
      Timothy tests Zick's ability as a tamer with seed from the basement. The plan back fires when the plant submerges most of Old Mill's houses and building in earth. Being the only one to see the plant, Zick descends to the sewers for a stand-off with the giant flytrap.
    • House of Monsters
      A new girl by the name of Elena Potato moves to Old Mill village. She seams to be the only person in the school willing to make friends with Zick Barrymore, a loner who is allergic to “everything on the planet.” After Elena’s cat goes missing, Zick offers to help put up fliers, but along the way runs into a ghost dog tracks him down and explains that a man is kidnapping animals in Old Mill.moreless
    • Witches Village
      Witches Village
      Episode 8
      Zick and Elena ask a group of witches for a cure for Zick’s father. Her aunt Emily agrees to help, but only if Zick captures monsters for her. Zick needs to catch a monster not only to cure Zob but also to return Zick and Teddy to their oqn body.
    • The Ancient Armory
      Zick and Elena travel to the Ancient Armory in order to find a cure for Mr. Barrymore. Fearing for her son's safety, Greta spies on the two. She revealed herself to the two after saving them from the third trap. Along the way, Zick gets reunited with his father.
    • Zick Vs. Zick
      Zick Vs. Zick
      Episode 6
      On Halloween night, Zick and Elena don't get invited to their classmate, Mattie's Halloween party and Elena doesn't like it one bit. So she suggests to Zick that they should gate-crash it. Meanwhile, "another Zick" also plans to gate-crash the party, making Mattie think that he is Zick when it is really the Gorkas in disguise! Looks like Magnacat's up to no good again.moreless
    • Canned Monsters
      Canned Monsters
      Episode 5
      Elena is worried about Zick when he is invited to go hunting with an unfamilar tamer, Teddy Tor. He proves to Elena and Zick that he is a better tamer and can help Zick.
    • Terror in the Deep
      Zick first trip will be a disaster because of a monster under Lardine's detention oasis. Dark Phantoms tried to capture it while Zick and his classmates were underwater. Zick discovered his new powers, the Enviro Dom.
    • Pirates Hideout
      Pirates Hideout
      Episode 3
      The flower shop is in danger of closing down because Zick's mother can't pay off the bank. We learn about the pirate ghost's life.
    • Magnacat
      Episode 2
      Zick gave Lardine to Elena. Magnacat proposes a deal to Zick and he denies it. He controls Zick to imagining unreal things. Magnacat also controlled some humans. Elena helps Zick in battling Magnacat and Phantoms. Elena knew that Timothy can speak.
    • The Pyramid of the Invulnerable
      Many humans were turned to Androgorkas. Zick received the Universal Dom Box and it's his responsibility to can monsters. He captured Omni Quad.