Monster Bug Wars

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Monster Bug Wars

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Monster Bug Wars is the Science Channel documentary series which takes viewers into the worlds of nature's deadliest bugs. In these dangerous fights, losers often end up eaten instead of knocked out. Join the Science Channel as they venture into the world of these insects, where killer ants, spiders, scorpions, centipedes and more do battle, fighting to the death. Like tiny gladiators, these bugs use their deadly weapons to protect themselves and defeat enemies, employing stingers, venom, spikes and more. Head to the rainforest to see the battle between Spiny Leaf Insects and the Giant Rainforest Mantis, see if the silk of the Redback Spidder is a match for the sting of a Bull Ant, and if the speed of a Water Strider can outrun the stealth Water Spider and more. Monster Bug Wars shows amazing fighters like Tree Scorpions, Ant Lions, Desert Centipedes and more, up close and personal. Tune in if you dare, as Science Channel shows deadly encounters of the insect world in Monster Bug Wars.moreless

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AIRED ON 2/28/2012

Season 2 : Episode 6

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