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  • Season 1
    • Goodbye Earth
      Goodbye Earth
      Episode 52
      The MBC is infected by an alien virus. In order to quarantine them, the clubhose is sent to outer space. Without a cure, they can't return to Earth.
    • Princess Sam
      Princess Sam
      Episode 51
      Doudo, the worshiping alien from It's Not Good To Te King, who revered Chris as a king, returns to Singletown and asks Sam to make believe she's a princess, in order to protect a real alien princess hunted by some distant alien warrior looking like a huge pig.
    • Silly Human Tricks
      Silly Human Tricks
      Episode 50
      An alien disguised as a pet trainer attempts to trick humans into being her pets so she can win a contest.
    • The Sound of Moochie
      Cathy's uncle becomes obsessed with singing, but the sounds he makes are so loud they cause damage to everything.
    • Gotta Dance!
      Gotta Dance!
      Episode 48
      An alien king tries to trick Jeremy into teaching him how to dance so he can gain control over him.
    • Laugh Attack
      Laugh Attack
      Episode 47
      An alien laughing machine threatens to drive everyone in Singletown crazy with laughter.
    • Clean Sweep
      Clean Sweep
      Episode 46
      An alien obsessed with cleaning tries to get rid of humans. Cathy becomes addicted to ordering items from a catalog.
    • Dancing In The Dark
      An alien gains control over everyone's minds. Sam gets stuck in a rocket heading for the sun.
    • Here Comes the Bride

      Mr. Fusster (Ian James Corlett), the cynical science teacher, is having a very bad day. Not only does he have to deal with the usual shenanigans of the Monster Buster Club, he also has to deal with the unwanted advances of a mysterious and marriage-minded stranger who claims to be from the planet Numbare.

    • Famous Four Part 2
      Famous Four Part 2
      Episode 43
      Famous Four Part 2 is the forty-third episode in the debut season of Monster Buster Club from Disney XD. Sam and Danny are in the past, but the future is changing while they are there. Chris and Cathy are trying to keep Singleton safe by stopping the aliens from carrying out their evil plan.moreless
    • Famous Four Part 1
      Famous Four Part 1
      Episode 42

      Famous Four Part 1 is the forty-second episode in the first season of Disney XD's Monster Buster Club. Danny tries to convince the other members of MBC that Singleton is in danger. However, with no evidence, they refuse to believe him. When Mark shows up at the MBC clubhouse, Danny may be able to prove his theory.

    • Keep Your Eye on the Nebulak
      Sam, Cathy, Chris and Danny have to keep an eye on a planet that looks like a bowling ball.
    • Disappearing Act
      Disappearing Act
      Episode 40
      An alien magician makes Singletown disappear.
    • Galaxy's Strangest Creatures

      Galaxy's Strangest Creatures is the thirty-ninth episode in the debut season of Monster Buster Club from Disney XD. People are disappearing, and MBC is trying to figure out which alien could be responsible for the disappearances. At first, they suspect Speedy, an alien who runs extremely fast, but soon rule him out. Can they find the alien responsible before it is too late?

    • Sticky Situation
      Sticky Situation
      Episode 38
      All of Cathy's powers are transferred to Wendy, and Cathy tries to get them back.
    • Frogs In Space
      Frogs In Space
      Episode 37
      The MBC is kidnapped by Herptilius and taken into space, while Cathy, stuck on Earth with a pizza allergy, enlists the aid of computer expert Jeremy, whom she convinces the life-or-death struggle unfolding on his screen is a video game.
    • The Beast Within
      The Beast Within
      Episode 36
      Jeremy is turned into a rock monster after being exposed to an alien from Rhapsodia's moon. The M.B.C. investigate, making sure that Cathy and Grandpa don't touch the alien. If they do, they'll be instantly turned to stone with no cure. Meanwhile, Sam is forced to help Mark with a science project, preventing her from helping the team.moreless
    • Fitness Freak
      Fitness Freak
      Episode 35
      An alien, who is obsessed with exercising, comes to Earth after being exiled from his overweight and lazy home planet. Unfortunately, the exercises that Pizmo the Plump does on Earth cause lots of damage. The MBC must find a way to stop Pizmo from destroying Singletown while still allowing him to work out. Meanwhile, Cathy is excited to be invited to Wendy's slumber party.moreless
    • Lizard Tails
      Lizard Tails
      Episode 34
      Cathy wants to be put in charge of taking care of the class pet, a lizard. Meanwhile, the MBC runs into their own lizard, who is actually an alien. Unfortunately, this lizard alien is super strong and manages to escape the Vacuvator. Switching places with Danny, the alien lizard is able to gain access to the MBC database. With this knowledge, he plans on eating the Mabada flower, which powers the entire MBC crew.moreless
    • The Destiny Puzzle
      The Destiny Puzzle
      Episode 33
      A mysterious puzzle contains clues to a hidden weapon in Singletown.
    • Cloudy With A Change of Jellynerps
      The extremely dry weather in Singletown has the MBC worries. Grandpa is especially worried, because his plants aren't getting enough water to survive. When the MBC investigates, they find out that their local weather man, Rocky Mountain, is actually an alien. He's been using his pet Jellynurp to make the weather on Earth more predictable.moreless
    • Me Krog, You Rollins
      Feeling that Sam has lost her comedy edge, Cathy gives her a device called the Funny Bone Refresher. Unfortunately, it causes Sam's emotions to go haywire, thus jeopardizing their mission. Meanwhile, an alien caveman, named Krog, arrives on earth and falls in love with principal Rollins. This race of aliens express their love by throwing large objects at their suitors. Unfortunately, Krog is madly in love and a giant "engagement ring" is on a direct course for Earth. Now it's up to the MBC to stop it before everything is destroyed.moreless
    • Sore Winner
      Sore Winner
      Episode 30
      The gang gets sucked into playing an intergalactic game with the fate of their town square in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Danny is unable to help the MBC after being sent to detention for playing a video game in class. Luckily, Danny's video game knowledge helps save the day in the end.
    • The New Recruits
      The New Recruits
      Episode 29
      After failing to capture yet another alien, the Commander sends the MBC some help in the form of the robotic D-34 and S-2. These new recruits are programmed not to rest until every threat is eliminated. They seem to getting along great with everyone, except Sam and Danny, who feel replaced. Meanwhile, Cathy becomes upset over the fact that no one seems to remember her 700th birthday.moreless
    • The Whole Truth
      The Whole Truth
      Episode 28
      The MBC is hit with a truth ray that forces them to do a strange dance if they don't tell the truth. Meanwhile, an alien named Edgar escapes his captivity and comes to Earth. Now, the gang must capture him without telling lies to their commander.
    • It's Not Good To Be King
      An alien named Dudo comes to Earth and claims that Chris is the emperor of his home planet. Things start well, but then turn sour when Chris learns that an evil alien is after him. Meanwhile, Cathy gets an Earth cold whose symptoms affect her in a weird way.
    • Bubble Heads
      Bubble Heads
      Episode 26
      Bubblegum sized aliens start taking over Singletown after they are unthawed on Earth. Meanwhile, Cathy tries her luck at being an investigative journalist.
    • The End of Everything Part 2
      With Kathy en route to her home planet, Elton temporarily rejoins the MBC. The MBC find out that the aliens that they were protecting are actually responsible for creating the Morph Jammer. Meanwhile, Kathy refuses to take off the flower that Jeremy gave her, causing her to be stuck in her alien form. Will the MBC be able to save the day and get Kathy back, or is it truly the end of everything?moreless
    • The End of Everything Part 1
      Kathy's grandfather puts the MBC in charge of looking after aliens that have just arrived in Single Town. Danny, Sam and Chris take a liking to the group at first, but things quickly go awry. The aliens disrupt the morph signatures of other aliens, including Kathy. With their morphing abilities disabled, the galactic commander has no choice but to return the aliens to their home planets. Now the MBC must find a way to get Kathy and the rest of the aliens back.moreless
    • Secret Santa
      Secret Santa
      Episode 23
      The MBC must save Christmas when an evil alien tries to make "Dingle Day" the new holiday tradition.
    • Outcraker's Badland Galaxy Tour
      The star of an alien nature show arrives on Earth to film humans.
    • Beware of Frogs
    • A Matter of Principals
      Danny is selected as "Principal for a Day" but soon finds the job more than he bargained for.
    • Trick or Treat... or Alien?
      On Halloween, Danny accidentally gets trapped in a haunted mansion. Once inside, he realizes that the house and its owner are actually aliens who are trying to return to their home planet. Meanwhile, Cathy's grandfather goes trick or treating for the first time.
    • Camping Out
      Camping Out
      Episode 18
      Mr. Smith takes the MBC out into the wild to find a plant that will re-energize their equipment... for the next 400 years!
    • The Forget-Me-Stone
      When the Commander orders the return of a memory-erasing stone, several problems arise, including the fact that Cathy's grandfather can't remember where he put it!
    • Pipe Dreams
      Pipe Dreams
      Episode 16
      The MBC's underground tunnel system is threatened with discovery by not only a scary public workman, but also a class field trip.
    • Statue of Limitation
    • The Bugaboos
      The Bugaboos
      Episode 14
      The MBC deals with an army of evil alien bugs. Meanwhile, Cathy's grandfather has a meeting with the principle.
    • Aliens on the Fast Track
      When electrical equipment is stolen throughout the city, it's up to the MBC to stop the speedy alien causing the mayhem.
    • Monster Beaters
    • Comic Book Heroes
    • World's Toughest Kid
      A bully starts terrorizing the school and challenges Danny to a series of competitions. In the end, the bully turns out to be multiple aliens.
    • Acting Out
    • Battle of the Bands
      When the hottest band in town turn out to be a group of aliens, the MBC form their own band to even the score. Things are only made worse, however, when it turns out that the alien band is hypnotizing the audience.
    • Flower King
      Flower King
      Episode 7
      The MBC are in charge of protecting an alien king. The only problem is that the king is shaped like an earth flower.
    • The Trouble with Troublemaking
      Cathy is stuck in detention when she learns that an evil alien is parading as the teacher. Now it's up to the MBC to send that evil alien packing.
    • Snack Time
      Snack Time
      Episode 5
      Sam helps Cathy babysit a baby named Tina who turns out to be a Pythenor Eater alien. Sam is also helping Danny and Chris with the Bake Sale for Whale Food. Sam becomes stressed while switching between babysitting and the bake sale and accidentally feeds Tina a Glusock cracker, which puts Pythenors on an eating rampage. Meanwhile Danny and Chris compete against Mark's bake sale.moreless
    • Wrong Number
      Wrong Number
      Episode 4
      Using a galactic communicator, Mr. Smith must keep the peace between two warring planets. Unfortunately, Chris takes the communicator and mixes it up with Mark's cell phone, causing Mark to make an costly error.
    • Popular Kids
      Popular Kids
      Episode 3
      A new girl comes to town and doesn't invite the MBC to a party, making them suspicious. Later, Cathy receives an invitation by a strange alien.
    • Dog Daze
      Dog Daze
      Episode 2
      Danny takes care of Wendy's dog in order to impress her. After putting the dog in a behavior-correction school, it's replaced with a robotic dog and the MBC have to save the day.
    • Mindreader
      Episode 1
      Cathy's cousin Elton comes to visit and the MBC figure out he is a mind reader. Meanwhile a band of evil robots attack, trying to capture Elton and the MBC must rescue him.
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