Monster in-Laws

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  • Season 2
    • Debbie Does Damage
      Episode 10
      Kaitlin and Mark were so scared that Mark's overbearing mother, Debbie, would turn Kaitlin's 3-year-old daughter against them, they moved over 1,000 miles to get away from her. But a visit from Debbie turns into a trip from hell as she announces she is job hunting in their town to be closer to the family, and she won't take `no' for an answer. Expert Laura Baron has to fix this family before Debbie unpacks her bags permanently and brainwashes Kaitlin's daughter for good.moreless
    • Auntie Dearest
      Episode 9
      Mark and Liz let Liz's sister, Rebecca, move into their home when she fell on hard times. But fast forward 2 years and Liz is still there, has not paid a dime in rent, has over-run their house with her eclectic furniture, terrorizes their teenage daughter, and takes over the household by shouting orders at everyone. Expert Mel Robbins is called in to tame this evil drill sergeant before she destroys Mark and Liz's home, family and marriage.moreless
    • Original Sin
      Episode 8
      Mother-in-law Pat has never forgiven her daughter-in-law, Jen, for sleeping with her son, Chris, 10 years ago. Pat calls Jen, a "fat slut" and blames her for encouraging adopted Chris to find his birth mother.
    • The Doomed Groom
      Episode 7
      The hatred between Robert's girlfriend, Heather, and his mother, Tammy, is so intense that Robert is terrified to put an engagement ring on Heather's finger even though they have a baby together.
    • Hurricane Sheeba
      Episode 6
      After a hurricane damaged their house, Sheena and 2-year old Callie were forced to move in with Sheena's mother Sheeba--but her husband Dustin was not welcome--instead, he's verbally assaulted by Sheeba every time he steps foot in her home.
    • Smother-in-Law
      Episode 5
      (PAC Synopsis - please verify with programming before using)Based on the solid delivery of Season 1 we are ordering 10 more episodes at Season 1 pricing.
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      Esper's grip on her wrestler son Nick is so tight that she has a joint bank account with him, and won't let him have one with his own wife, Jessica. Esper calls Jessica a "ghetto cockroach," and deliberately monopolizes all the time Nick should be spending with his own wife. Expert Laura Baron faces her greatest challenge yet with this family, and things get explosive when Esper threatens Laura herself.moreless
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      Beautii terrorized her sister's husband, Mike, so much that he moved his entire family 700 miles to get away from her. Mike was thrilled to get his wife, Gynesis, away from her sister, Beautii, but has no idea that Beautii secretly followed them and moved to their new town a few months ago. As expert Mel Robbins gets to the bottom of the problems in this family, she uncovers the most shocking secret ever revealed on the show.moreless
    • After working through their issues last season, Fallon and Steve got married and moved in with Khalood in Michigan to save money. But their happiness was short-lived. Khalood is up to her old tricks again and things have gone from bad to worse. She will do anything to convince Fallon to get an annulment. The couple has called in family expert Mel Robbins to save both their marriage and their relationship with Khalood. But when an accident occurs during one of Mel's exercises the entire family is put to the test.moreless
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  • Season 1