Monster Man

Syfy Premiered Mar 14, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • On the season finale, stakes run high for Cleve and the team as the iconic 80s band Devo asks Roy to direct their latest music video entitled, "Monster Man." A massive in-shop collision culminates between Cleve and Cindy when pressure builds to deliver the best for this high-profile job. To make matters worse, Cleve brings in diva-designer Tuck Porter to help with the build, causing relations in the shop to boil over. Will the Sota team be able to create an earth-shattering monster, or will this be the final undoing of this once-fabled fabrication shop?moreless
    • Wee Boots
      Episode 5
      Two larger than life film projects cause oversized stress for Cleve and team at Sota FX, as both builds must be completed in a matter of days. Jackass star Jason “Wee Man” Acuña stops by the shop in search of a wee sized alien with a menacingly oversized brain, while the PR team from DreamWorks stops in for a pair of 12-foot tall boots for a Puss in Boots event. With overlapping builds, high expectations, and deadlines running short, getting everything done for this team is truly a tall order.moreless
    • 8.5
      In episode two, the Sota team must juggle two demanding, high profile clients at once. In just one week, they face the daunting task of building a unique werewolf monster for the upcoming creature feature Hallow Pointe, as well as executing an outlandish makeup effect for director Richard Elfman's sequel to his 1981 cult classic, Forbidden Zone. Adding to the pressure, Richard's daughter-in-law, actress Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg, Friends with Benefits), drops by the shop to check out how the build is coming along.moreless
    • Cleve Hall the owner of SOTA/FX, a family-owned special effects company, and a veteran special effects technician, meets with Josh Separzedeh and Mike Mendez to discuss upcoming artistic projects. Separzedeh needs Hall's advice regarding special effect make-up, and Mendez needs Hall to create an enormous, scary spider for a film.
    • 3/28/12
      Monster Infestation is the second episode in the debut season of Monster Infestation, a reality TV show that follows the life of Cleve Hall, a special effects artist, and his business SOTA/FX. In this episode, Hall and his team create a mechanical cockroach, and a demonic, exploding ant for a pop star.moreless
    • Seeing Double
      Episode 1
      See the first family of Hollywood monster makers in action in Syfy's new series!