Monster Man

Syfy Premiered Mar 14, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • MonsterMan is awesome!

    IAM A FAN OF B HORROR FILMS EVEN SYFY FLICKS. I ENJOY THE CLASSIC EFFECTS THAT GO INTO THESE KINDS OF FILMS. CGI is alright if you don't have the skills to hand built your own creatures/props. I personally love to see the creative minds like cleve and his crew put together such amazing monsters come to LIFE on screen. I really hope that this show goes on to make more kicka*% episodes in the future.
  • Eesh! White Trash Goes Hollywood, again

    The special effects are crap, this family does special effects for B movies or worse, nothing that most people will even watch. SyFy Movies come to mind more than once. If you're a fan of B horror films, and I'm talking the bottom of the barrel(Richard Elfman, REALLY?) fabricated by people who are the equivalent of anyone whom you would find in your local trailer park, then this might be for you. I only watched it because I was waiting for GHI to come on and I was busy in the kitchen. Yep.