Monster Quest

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Oct 31, 2007 In Season


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  • pretty goood

    This scientifically interesting History Channel show takes a look at some of the worlds most (and least) talked about unexplained phenomena's. I started watching it beacause of the title (Monster Quest), just sounds cool to me. I am here to tell you these guys get in deep. They send a professional team of scientists and local guides out, and for about a week they set up camp and cameras, just trying to catch a glimpse of what ever it is that is making people go bananas. I feel this show is a solid watch. I generally turn away from reality shows, because I feel they are taking away from good old fashioned television. I live in the real world, I don't need to see it on TV as well. However from the git go Monster Quest has had me hooked. So if you are looking for a show, with just the right amount of possible fantasy, but completely down to earth, and if you don't mind finding out if a fantasy favorite creature of yours is real or not, and if not what it really is, then Monster Quest will not let you down.
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