Monster Quest

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Oct 31, 2007 In Season


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  • Hmm for a show about a bunch of wierdos looking for the likes of bigfoot it's not that bad...

    Monsterquest is of course, a show about monster chasers going around trying to prove that thier monster of the week is in fact real. It's a bit ridclious actually, especially when one considers the fact it airs on The History Channel. I never really paid too much mind to this show, that is until a certain crazy Intergrated Science I Honors teacher, made us do (a completly off unit, off topic) persuasive essay paper either in support or against the existence of a creature in cryptozology using science fact/effidence (I said CRAZY teacher, right?). Anyways, monsterquest was a suggested source and I took to watching I few episodes. I found it suprsingly entertaining, and there's something amusing about trying to figure out what REALLY made the big footprint or what REALLY killed that lady's dog. You can't take it too seriously, but really it's a decent show (that helped me get an A on that paper:D)