Monster Quest

Wednesday 10:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Oct 31, 2007 In Season


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  • idiots search for non-existent creatures..

    This is one of those show you watch to laugh at and make yourself feel better because at least you aren't one of these people going off to find the Chupacabra or Moth Man. It has the same formula each time. Dramatic discussion that Creature X is out there and it has been spotted all over. Witness have seen it (although most are very very far away or it was at night) and video footage is grainy. If a captured "specimen" is available it turns out to be a mutated normal animal. If they go into the woods and set up cameras to take pictures they will hype up the footage before commercial only to reveal is is nothing more than a deer. No creature is ever found. Video evidence is always easily explained or discredited.

    Only one I think is an actual real creature is the giant squid. Others are hoaxes or mis-identifications.