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  • A funny Digimon clone!!

    This 90s hit changs the way you watch TV!!
  • Loved this when I was growing up :)

    You remember the show, where you from school each day just to catch on TV, well this was my show. After school, each day, I would run to just catch this show. I loved this show because it was the only one with an epic story line and with decent graphics for shows thay day. I loved how the monsters could talk hehe, but yea I was a kid, but now I am a teenager, and still love it! I still watch some episodes on youtube... only place where it has episodes. But yea, this show is about a kid, who plays monster rancher on his game console, one day, he gets sucked into the game ( Like we all wish to happen to us in some games ). But to continue, then he meets a girl and a Suezo, and they go on an adventure to.... I won't say anymore on the show, cos I don't really want to spoil anything :( ..

    But all you should know that this show is worth it! Worth every second that you spend watching it. It does get a little repetive but not always!!! Only rarely!! The graphics are amazing, considering it was made a long time ago, and to say, some shows made this day don't have the art work that Monster Rancher has!

    The characters are funny, all of them in there own way, that's what makes this show unique, every monster, EVERY, has everything different. This show is funny, sad and an adventure show. If you are looking for a series to start, I totally recomend this!
  • Childish, yet an absolutely fun and memorable journey.

    Genki is a kid who long desires to live in the world of monsters. He dreams of it every chance he sleeps and throws his studies and life away for those dreams, almost too literally. One day when playing the newest Monster Ranchers game, he gets sucked into the world and enters the video game! Though the world wasn't as welcoming as he originally thought. An evil entity known as Muu has control over a powerful army that is referred to as the "baddies" whom is seeking world domination. There is only one being that can equally match Muu, the ancient Phoenix. Together with Holly, Swazo, Mochi, Hare, Tiger, and Golem, this big cast of characters journey around the world defeating baddies and recruiting allies while searching for the Phoenix that has the power to defeat Muu and reverse the hearts of evil.

    Your typical action adventure where a lost artifact that has the potential to save the world, in this case the Phoenix, needs to be found. It follows the Pokemon formula where in every episode, a helpless victim needs to be saved from the baddies. While sharing the same episodic formula, Monster Rancher is a lot darker in tone. Sometimes entire villages are destroyed, people are already found deceased, and the allies they just forged bonds with pass away during battle. While it follows the monster of the week formula, the story actually progresses at a pretty good and consistent, just very slow pace. The shounen elements are still present; before reaching Muu, Genki and his group need to go through the Big Bad Four, Muu's most feared generals, and General Durham who sits atop Muu's military crop controlling an entire continent. Unlike Samurai Jack, they end up finding what they are looking.

    Episodic action adventures often promote character development and end up having great characters, but Monster Rancher does such a great job with execution that it probably has the best cast of characters in its field--a very specific field, episodic action adventure animes aimed at kids. They are terribly cliche, but they are just so lovable and are by far one of the more memorable casts. Genki is the energetic and young protagonist; Holly is the kind hearted woman; Swazo the weakest character but making up in comic relief; Hare the elusive, strategical, money hungry coward; Mochi the cute, naive, innocent little mascot; Golem the flower loving gentle giant; and Tiger, the prideful, strongest, and most independent. You could probably take one random anime and fit them exactly into place with these characters.

    It is the chemistry between the characters that make you overlook their cliches. Hare and Tiger are always bickering about minuscule issues, Swazo is always in agreement with Holly, Golem is often quiet, and Mochi always gives his naive insights. The relationship between Mochi and Genki is one of the more realistic I've seen between main character and adorable looking creature. Almost identical to Ash and Pikachu, but whereas Ash showers Pikachu in absolute love even in Pikachu's mistakes, Genki will tell Mochi what is on his mind, even in his wrong doing. They have their occasional disagreements and fights which is actually a pleasure to see in this certain relationship. Internal conflict is executed fashionably well amongst the group, makes it hard to believe this is aimed at children.

    While the cohesion between these characters are surprisingly really top notch, the power rankings are just awful. Incredibly inconsistent and just all over the place. One of the big bad four is equal to that of Tiger. Yet just about every other episode against the new baddy villain, Tiger is often easily defeated and the entire group is on the run trying to form a strategy. So wait, one of the main characters who is equal to that of one of the most feared generals, gets easily swifted against a grunt? Are these normal soldiers just as powerful as Muu's top warriors? Or are his rankings really just based on political power? The show however discredits these statements when it proclaims the Big Bad Four and General Durham are the strongest in Muu's army. So, what is the big deal?

    Even more annoying is when Genki and his gang are in a real pinch, "courage" and "will power" take material form that allows them to defeat their opponents. That is really bothering when characters, who on the brink of death, are saved almost entirely by courage and will power. It might even teach kids the wrong thing. Not to say having courage and will power is a bad thing to have, but it is just so convenient that these intangible things can save them from tight situations. So am I being told that if I were to get my ass beat down by 12 people at the same time on the brink of death, if I concentrated my power I could knock them all out? It is why stubborn kids exist, these cartoons teaches them never to give up even in small debates and situations.

    During the second half of the season season it starts getting a bit repetitive. Watching a non epic anime is nice for once, but an episodic action adventure has its limits, and 48 episodes is just a tad bit too long. Fortunately it ended at a pretty good time and concluded very strong, even if the ending was pretty cliche. The characters are both memorable and fun and depending on how hard you fell for them, you might feel a little sad the journey is coming to its end--though there is a third season. The characters are pretty cliche but their great chemistry amongst each other is a rarity to find, especially in a childrens anime. Though the atrocious power rankings are really hard to overlook. When you want to take a break from all of the epic and hardcore animes, Monster Rancher is the type of anime you want to fill in the spot, and there really isn't a lot of other better animes to pick in these types of situations.
  • Perfect Animation

    Monster Rancher, passa na Rede Bandeirantes ou Band, dentro do Programa Band Kids, Juntamente com A Lenda do Dragão, o desenho parece muito com Digimon, onde um menino em quanto joga um jogo, entra dentro dele e fica lá, dentro desse jogo ele conhece monstros que saem de dentro de amuletos, dentro desse jogo o seu monstro favorito é Tigre seu companheiro inseparaveu, Tigre é obrigado a matar seu irmão em uma batalha, já que seu irmão tentou te matar por ele ter cuidado de seu irmão desde cedo, seu irmão tinha se aliado a MU o mestre das trevas que agora de volta ao seu corpo, pode matar muita gente, por essa e outras razões, além dos otimos graficos o desenho e perfeito e merece nota 10.
  • this show is an EXCELLENT kids show!! i remember watching it! it was soooo long ago!!

    for people who never got to see this show, this show was one of the greatest shows ever!!!! youtube still has bits of it, THANK GOODNESS, but ya cant find it anywhere else. it certainly has imagination and creativity behind it, and a very clean show nonetheless, something kids need these days. the opening to this show or the theme song is very captivating, the show is very captivating and just- they were dumb to cancel it. Totally DUMB. undeniably DUMB. when i seen this again for the first time in like ever, i was estatic! its still watchable on youtube though thank goodnes for that! si you ever have free time,go down memory lane and watch it on youtube!! youll love it!
  • Everything in the Monster Rancher series was good, from the games to the show.

    The Monster Rancher television show didn't last too long on FOX, but the episodes that managed to be created were actually pretty decent. I didn't see that many episodes, but enough to get an idea of what the storyline and characters were. I played the fantastic video games, the card game, and even had some action figures. I noticed Monster Rancher wasn't as popular as other monster based series at the time, most likely because other shows like pokemon and digimon were still in effect. The theme song fot this show was amazing, including a great beat. Although I wasn't a die hard fan of the show, I did have a couple episodes on VHS, and after viewing them, wouldn't mind having it back on the air. Even if the show doesn't appeal to your taste, the video games are truly worth playing. I would classify Monster Rancher as one of the better monster related shows of it's time, and hopefully it could return to television.
  • This is the absolute best tv show/anime in existence. I have every episode and I watch it every single night. I'm also 20 yrs old.

    Simply nothing compares with Monster Rancher. The story is great, the characters are deeply lovable, and although it may be a kid's anime, and perhaps may appear dull on the surface to many, there is some kind of underlying wonder that courses through everything in this show. THere exists something deeply spiritual and moving. Honestly, this is one of the most virtuous mediums I have every experienced. There is such value, goodness, purity, beauty and truth in the show's themes. As I said, I watch it every single night and it never gets old. There is such spiritual and moral exhortation found here that it transcends words. Seriously, I would say this show has had the greatest influence on my life second only to the Bible. I don't know if anyone else noticed, or if the writers intended such, but I found that the show greatly parallels Christianity, just put into a fantastical setting, and minus the negativities and the institution. That is what I love so much about this show: it is simply full of a purity and goodness and truth that nothing else compares. It may not seem too special on the surface, or some may pass it off as a mere Pokemon/Digimon rip off, but it is wholly riveting and spiritually beneficial while retaining a childish innocence, that it transcends all else in my opinion.
  • Really good show just give it a chance.

    A kid named Genki loves playing video games and his favorite is called Monster Rancher. When he win a tournment andis the best player he gets sucked into the video game world. There, he meets a girl named Holly and befriends strange creatures such as Moochi, Suezo, Tiger, Golem and Hare. Together they set out on a journey to find the "Phoenix" and stop the infamous, evil Moo's diabolical plan. They have to battle Moo's evil minions and the Big Bad Four. This is a great show and I really like it and wish they would of shown the whole series not just stoping it half way through.
  • BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monster Rancher was a really great TV show! I like it a lot. Even if it was not my favourite show I think it rocked! I liked the theme song of Monster Ranchers. I thought it was real cool! The episodes were great! I liked some of the monsters too! But the bad guys were kind of weird. I mean what kind of name is MU??? And the bad guys were called the BADDIES! There was also the big bad 4. The main characters in this show were Genki, Holly, Mochi, Suezo, Golem, Hare and Tiger of the Wind. They were kind of funny. I mean there was an eyeball, a rock, a talking rabbit and tiger and some sort of duck turtle thing. Now that's FUNNY!! Suezo was so funny. When he first did that teleport thing no one believed him. Later on when they did believe him, Suezo couldn't do it properly. He's like TELEPORT!*move an inch*Teleport!*move another inch*Teleport!*inch*Teleport! That was so funny!! Hare and Tiger of the wind were always arguing with each other! That was also very funny! Mochi was so cute! Golem was like super-sensitive! He was very quiet too. I guess I kind of like each of the characters. The show was GREAT! It should still come on.
  • The journey begins when an 11-year-old boy named Genki receives a video game he was waiting for through the mail. Upon playing this game, he was immediately transported into the realm of "Monster Rancher," where he befriends a girl name Holly.

    This Japanese animated series was simply amazing and humorous at the same time. I'll tell you why I watched this. First of all, when I was only 14 years old, I was curious to wonder what it was like; and after watching several episodes I was glued to it. The second part is, the series was based on the popular Playstation video game! The adventures of Genki, Holly, and their monster friends truly kept me on the saddle.
  • The series never finnished on t.v..... what happened there?

    When I was about 10, this program called Monster Rancher was advertised and I thought it looked like a good show to watch. Once I started watching it, I found myself thinking.. this main character is a complete geek! I just remember loads of unoriginal monsters walking around with this sad looking girl who dresses like a tramp. It needs to be locked away somewhere and never unlocked!
  • What the **** is this?

    Why did i waste 17 minutes watching this piece of crap? Why did i even bother? Why did it air? All of those questions remain unanswered. I've seen better animation on a toothpick than on this show. Pitiful, pathetic, pile of cow poo. I'm am glad it no longer airs. It's about time too.
  • The forgotten anime... It can hold its own against Digimon.

    This show just looks like yet another Poke ripoff at first with any promise, but it soon gets better. The actual feature about the villain is that he is one of the main character's father! Now that is good. The monsters are cool, with killer attacks and traits. Suezo is the Michelangelo of this show, while Tiger presents Raphael. And why am I throwing in Ninja Turtles??? Anyhow, the show is dramatic at the end of the second season. General Durahan is one of my favorite villains. But the show has extremism in its storyline, and that is its one originality trait. It goes in deep measures to express the value of teamwork. And when you're fighting a 30 foot devil with white and pink fur whose name is the sound a cow makes, you need teamwork.
  • I'm good and great. Are Genki and his new friends fighting the evil Moo? Genki's playing his videogame. Genki likes his videogame. Were Genki, Holly and their friends finding the Fire Bird and Holly's father? Did Moo grab Genki? Have Genki and his friends

    Genki's playing his videogame. Genki likes his videogame. Were Genki and his new friends fighting the evil Moo? Are Genki, Holly and their friends finding the Fire Bird and Holly's father? Have Genki and his friends destroyed Moo? I'm good and great. Did Moo grab Genki? I'll love Monster Rancher!
  • A very bizarre yet enjoyable show. Look at the main page for a more complete summary.

    I do not have any clear memories of this show but every memory I do have is good. It was quite a bit goofy but it always made me smile. It was an inventive take on a very random idea which made it quite a bit of fun. It's too bad it gone, I surely miss it!
  • Great show

    I remember the early episodes and I don't remember the ending. I know though it came to a end quickly and it was a great show for action and excitement rapped into a big adventure enviroment. I remember them having to battle a group called the big bad 4 and thats about it. I remember that the show was a big hit and I watched most of the episodes during the new year anime bash on YTV. Great show all around.
  • Let the Games Begin!

    Sony PlayStation Monster Rancher fans, prepare to enter the game world! In this animated video, Genki wins a Monster Rancher tournament, receives a "Monster 200X" CD-ROM as a prize, slips it into his player, and is magically sucked into the Monster Rancher world. Bragging to Holly that he's a game expert, Genki facilitates her escape from the Black Dino Squad. Holly reveals Moo's plot to conquer her world and describes her quest to defeat Moo by finding the mystery disk that contains the Phoenix. Genki inserts his own CD-ROM into the shrine and it unlocks not the Phoenix, but a cute, perpetually hungry little monster he names Mocchi. In "I'm Mocchi," Holly's magic stone leads the foursome deep into a forest amid a terrible storm in search of another mystery disk. When Genki, Holly, Mocchi, and Suezo come to a fork in the road in "Guardian of the Disks," they are told to beware of the enigma that lives in the forest ahead. Guided by Holly's stone, they persevere and discover a graveyard of old disks guarded by a friendly stone monster named Golem. When Golem defeats the evil blue Gel army, Genki and Holly invite him to join their continuing quest to release the Phoenix. This video--and TV series--bears marked resemblance to the Pokémon series and, although slightly less skillfully animated, it is sure to appeal to a whole generation of gamers and animation fans. Parents concerned about violence should, of course, be vigilant.
  • I don't remember much about this show. But something tells me, that when I did watch it, I liked it a lot.

    It was such a long time ago when I watched this. I remember little about it. But it was quite good. I may not remember what it was about, but I can say that it was interesting, that's why I have it on my favourite shows. It was on for a short while, that's probably why no one in my class has heard about it. Even though not many people know about it, it was infact a really good show.
  • Genki an Holly and the their band of goodies fight aginst Mew and his band of bandies.

    Genki form our reality gets sucked into a video game to help Holly. Together with, Mucci, Szuazo, Gohlem. Hare, and Tiger thet fight off the bad monsters and save her father and the world form Mew. Genki gets sent back home only to return to the Monster Rancher land again.
  • this show was good and it kept u wanting more although wasnt on for long.

    i cant think of much to write but this show was good. They should definately air part 3 on tv here in the usa. All the characters had an interesting trait to them. And when u least expected it one of dem was da main attraction of an expisode. the show was great i give it two big thumbs up