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Season 3 Episode 22

Legend Cup: Mocchi vs Poritoka


Full Episode: Legend Cup: Mocchi vs Poritoka


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An airplane lifts off from the crash site of General Durahan's ship. Genki and gang made it to the International Monster Association headquarters to register for the Legend Cup. During the conversation with the official, we discovered that Suezo does not know that Mocchi had to fight two monsters to win the Legend Cup. Everyone is surprised and taunts Suezo about it. Suezo felt embarrassed and tried to save his face by saying that he was just trying to make everyone relax. Later in the forest, Mocchi decides to battle Most last. This means that Mocchi will fight Poritoka first in tomorrow's Legend Cup. Everyone starts to think about how Mocchi is going to defeat Poritoka. Suezo volunteers to use himself as a practice opponent for Mocchi as he and Poritoka are of the same type. So Suezo and Mocchi prepares for battle. Suezo uses Tail Attack and Mocchi counters with Mocchi cannonball. This attack sends Suezo flying into the sky. While the gang searches for Suezo in the forest, they chance upon a giant mansion. After a while, Suezo joins them and Poritoka appears saying that this is one of his summerhouses and tells them to leave it immediately. When he learnt that Mocchi is his opponent, he laughs at them, saying that he will be no match for his Tail Attack. He continues to taunt them saying that Suezo does not have even a fraction of his power. Suezo gets ready to confront Poritoka but everyone turns and leaves. Suezo does not understand and ask them why didn't they feel angry with Poritoka. Then everyone shows their displeasure and wants to beat Poritoka even more than ever. Although they have never seen Poritoka in battle last year, they decided to prepare for Poritoka's fearsome Tail Attack by practicing. Suezo wanders off to "look for something" but made his way into Poritoka's mansion. He teleported in and wandered about the huge mansion, not knowing where to find Poritoka. He then sees a few Suezos gathering outside a door with a fainted Suezo. Suezo thinks that Poritoka is inside the door so he peeped in. Sure enough, Poritoka is practicing with other Suezos who are too terrified to move. Suddenly Poritoka appeared outside the door, behind Suezo and tells him that he will see better inside in the room. Suezo tries to teleport off but was held down by the other Suezos. Poritoka wants them to teach Suezo a lesson. Suezo managed to break free and dash towards Poritoka. Back in the forest, Mocchi will able to dodge everyone's attacks in the training and they are very hopeful that Mocchi can win tomorrow. Suddenly, Poritoka appears, holding a badly hurt Suezo. Everyone wants to beat Poritoka up but Genki tells them that they will settle it tomorrow. Suezo tells Holly that he has memorized Poritoka's Tail Attack before fainting. Later at night, Suezo woke up after smelling the stew. He runs towards them and appears to be suffering from amnesia. Then he snapped out of the daze and tells them that they have to start practicing to stand a chance of winning tomorrow, but first he will need to eat. Suezo lines Golem, Tiger and Hare up to fight Mocchi by emulating Poritoka's Tail Attack. Suezo tells Genki that he will show no mercy and the fight begins. Genki and Mocchi are quickly overwhelmed and laid hurt on the ground. Holly tells them to stop but no one listens as they all want Mocchi to win tomorrow, so Genki and Mocchi got up and they continued the training. The next day, we find Poison, Mum Mew and Goby sitting in the crowd at the stadium where the Legend Cup is held. They had at little squabble but were interrupted by General Durahan via a visual phone. It turns out that General Durahan came in the airplane mentioned earlier and they plan to snatch the Magic Stone and the Mystery Disk after Mocchi wins. So that General Durahan can fuse with Moo's soul and he can take over the world. Back at the stadium, the officials introduced this year's challengers - Genki's team. They appeared to an astonished crowd, wrapped in bandages. The baddies wondered how would Mocchi win in this state. Then they introduced the defending champions, The Legendary Great White Eyeball - Poritoka and The Master of The Aurora Attack - Most. Mocchi tells the official that he will fight Poritoka first. The rest of the gang took their seats among the crowd while Genki and Mocchi gets ready to fight. The match starts and Mocchi runs over with a barrage of Double Pounders, Poritoka easily avoided them all. Poritoka counters with Tongue Slap and Genki tells Mocchi to use Mocchi Cannonball. Poritoka jumps away and Mocchi lands hard on the ground. Poritoka decides to use his fearsome Tail Attack but after several heart pounding moments, Mocchi managed to avoid the attack to everyone's surprise. The gang was glad that their hard work paid off. Suezo recalls the training last night. Poritoka's tail attack was emulated by starting off with Golem's Tornado Attack, then Suezo's Tail Attack emerges from the tornado, followed by Hare and Tiger's body attacks. Poritoka laughs and said that they made a right choice by sending a spy over yesterday. Poritoka then surprises everyone by using a Tail Attack and Teleport combo. Mocchi is overwhelmed and falls to the ground. Mocchi climbs up and attacks with Mocchi Cannon while Poritoka gets ready to use the combo again. Poritoka avoids the Mocchi Cannon and tells them that he already saw it coming. Poritoka then continues his attacks by appearing all over the ring. Poison said that if Mocchi loses they will have to get the Magic Stone themselves and this worries Mum Mew. Poritoka floats over the fallen Mocchi and taunts him about his courage. Mocchi is badly beaten with bruises all over but he still stands up and prepares to fight. Poritoka gets ready to use the combo again while Genki tells Mocchi to use his (Genki) energy like it is his (Mocchi's) own. Mocchi gets pumped up by Genki's energy and starts to feel his opponent with his heart. Mocchi could see Poritoka coming and avoided the combo successfully. Mocchi leaps into the sky and uses Cherry Blossom Blizzard, sending Poritoka into the air. Mocchi fires Mocchi Cannon directly at Poritoka. Most who is watching from one side said "Its all over." Poritoka said, "This can't be happening!" and is sent flying into the sidewalls. Mocchi scores a Knock Out and wins the match. Everyone celebrates, Tiger and Hare hugged together but quickly separates. Even Poison and Mum Mew were hugging together but they too quickly separate and said that they are now one step closer to getting the Magic Stone and Mystery Disk. The badly beaten Mocchi tells Genki that he managed to beat Poritoka and Genki said it was a classic Knock Out. Most comes on to the stage to congratulate Mocchi and tells Mocchi to make theirs' a good fair match. They shook hands while the official tells everyone not to miss the last match between Most and Mocchi as it promises to be the match of the century.moreless
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