Monster Rancher

Season 3 Episode 25

The Final Battle


Full Episode: The Final Battle


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After rescuing Holly's father, the gang waits for him to awaken. Then, the Mystery Disc gets stolen by General Durahan! General Durahan, Poison, Weed, Mum Mew and Gobi merge with the Moo to create a powerful armored-clad scarlet warrior. This new monster appears invincible when all their attacks fail to make an impact on him. Holly's father confronts him and then suddenly a shadow emerges from this monster and engulfs everyone. Everyone is brought inside the heart of the evil soul and they saw that the evil soul is actually consuming General Durahan, Poison, Weed, Mum Mew and Gobi. Using their powers, they create the Phoenix to fight the evil soul but is that enough? Will this long and hard struggle finally end?!moreless
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