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YTV (ended 2008)


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  • A team of teenagers who fight against giant monsters, created by a mad movie maker.

    Although it was not the best show in the world, this series had its share of funny scenes and jokes. A group of teenagers teams up to fight against evil monsters created by Klaus Von Stienhaeur, a demented movie maker, who gained fame back in the 50's creating B-movies about monsters. Equipped with the most sophisticated equipment that they can create, the team tries to protect the city of Capital City from these giant monsters, most of time, killing and anihilating them.

    The series had a very good plot, but unfortunately, the cheesy special effects were the main responsible for the series ultimate fate, although the cast was rather good.

    Still, I give it a 7, because it had its moments.
  • Canadian Trash.

    Before I begin, I don't normally give out 1's to Canadian shows unless it's really that bad. In this case, this one is that bad. Monster warriors idea is just bland in general. Just the same thing over and over and over again. And unlike the ghost busters, there isn't really alot of action. I fail to see how you can just go through watching 30minutes of this. The characters are boring and annoying. The worst combination ever. The plots suck. The monsters sure don't look like monsters but instead generic 8-year old thought out spawns. Why is it that they cancel good shows and put in horrible ones like these in their place. It just doesnt make any sense! Oh, why Canada? Oh, why.
  • I think Monster Warriors is an interesting program.

    I think Monster Warriors is an interesting program. The use of science, biology, palaeontology and everyday objects as weapons as innovative. The couple relationships between Luke and Tabby, Antonio and Vanka is gradually evolving. The opening theme gives a spooky edge. Von Steinhauer provides for a reference to Doctor Frankenstein, however Klaus attempts in some cases to destroy some creations not of his making. It is difficult to comprehend how the future can contact the present, however it would be preferable if they continue to develop Henry's character further. I enjoy where each episode ends with a shocking discovery like Luke finding out that there is someone else other than Klaus making monsters, with some giving clues to a future episode. I hope they can continue the series. I give Monster Warriors a 9.
  • Its a disgrace. This show is below 0. but 0 is as low as it goes. OH MY GOD...

    OMG could this show get any crapper? The plot is horrendous, i mean that so called "evil" scientist, all he is is some loonatic german guy. Whats with the monsters? Worst Animation ever. The suits are stupid, when a monster appears and attcks the warriors and misses, what do ya know, no damage to anything! Watch Primeval, that is a show which makes outstanding use of the animation and graphics. and they make them seem real. There is no sense of danger. The anchorman, is really fake and extremely stereotypical. and who has a shop in their town called monster rentals? All the show is is a bunch of crap.

  • one of the worst shows ever with the lamest tech use.

    Every monster in this show has cheesy tech use. The monsters look more like pictures slowly down, like South Park... except South Park is good. Second, why does everyone call then kids, when they are teens? Third, why would "Kids" (teens) be fighting huge monsters, and how ever told them to fight the monsters. Fifth, why would a city be called "Capital City", cmon what it the citys real name, Toronto? Sixth, isn't this a copy of anthour show I watched or watch and hate. This show is very unorigginal you know! And Seven, why would having six reasons why this show is bad is enough that this show is well.. bad!
  • This show is alright considering that it is Canadian and that it is meant for children.

    Yes the graphics might look fake and the storylines might be a little out there, this show resembles the early science fiction. Also take into consideration that this show is meant for kids. That means that we can't go into anything too violent that adults have come to expect from any show that is at least rated PG 13.

    I appreciate this show becasue it is a canadian endeavour to put some shows out there and to try and make up for other countries trying to take over canadian television. This show is pretty good becasue the storylines are interesting and it is like Japanese anime, In order to understand the whole story, you must have seen every episode in order to get the whole sense of the show. Also in my opinion this was a pretty good first season because in my experience every show sucks for the first half of the season because they are trying to establish the character's personalities and any show gets better as time goes on becasue the first season is about getting the identities of the characters. Plus on I side note I love anything that resembles early science fiction movies because that was the time that we were really thinking of the future and this show likes to think ahead of time and base it on popular beliefs.
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