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Season 1 Episode 4

Night of Punishment

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Apr 27, 2004 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Night of Punishment
Adolf Junkers has information about the serial murders that is vital to the police, but he is afraid to reveal them. Dr. Tenma's care for Adolf Junkers however wins him over. His close relationship with Junkers however leads him to a night of shocking horror.

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      • Junkers: (about Johan) He doesn't even blink at killing someone. It means nothing to him. Run, doctor, he'll kill you where you stand! Just run!

      • Tenma: Who are you?!
        Junkers: Oh God, just run! Run away, please!
        Johan: It's been a long time, doctor. It's me. 9 years ago, you saved my life.
        Tenma: 9 years ago?
        Johan: Have you forgetten already, doctor, about the twins?

      • Johan: (after Tenma tells him about his past) Johan, huh? Yes, there was a time I went by that name, but you know something, doctor, Johan isn't my real name.
        Tenma: Wha-what are you talking about?
        Johan: You must never know my past. Not about those four couples, nor the Lieberts. But you're different, doctor, you cared for me and you restored me to life so I feel as though you're like a father to me.
        Tenma: Like a father?
        Johan: The truth is, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be standing here right now.

      • Tenma: Stop it! You can't just go around killing!
        Johan: Why not?
        Tenma: Why not? Because a human life is precious! Don't you see that?! Rescuing you open my eyes. I was able to go back to being a doctor I should have always been. Saving your life made me realize that the way of each life is equal! No one's better than anyone else! That's why no one has the right take another person's life! As a doctor, I lived by those those beliefs for the last 9 years because of you!

      • Johan: (to Tenma) I was supposed to die that night. You're the one who resurrected me, doctor.

      • Junkers: Run, don't look at his face! He'll kill you!
        Tenma: What do you think you're doing here? Mr. Junkers is my patient. Let him go!
        Johan: What am I doing? (pulls out a gun) An execution.

      • Tenma: (after discovering that Johan has killed Director Heinnmann and two of his rivals) Did you... Oh my God.
        Johan: Isn't that what you wanted, doctor? That's what you said anyway. Right after I regained consciousness, that's what you told me. You hated them so much you wished they were dead.

      • Junkers: I'm begging you! Please, don't look at him!
        Tenma: At who?
        Junkers: He's the one who killed my friends and he'll kill you, too!

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