Season 1 Episode 48

The Scariest Thing

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Mar 29, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Johan, disguised as Anna, visits Suk's mother at the hospital in Room 409. The mother receives a bouquet of flowers from 'her', and they have a friendly chat about how Aunt Olga would take the flowers away from her like she did with her doll. 'Anna' reminds her that Olga died sometime ago. Suk's mother mentions how gentle 'her' eyes look, she thanks 'her' for the fun time she had with 'her' and asks 'her' what she would like, 'Anna' asks for the tape that Suk had left with her.
In the meantime, Grimmer, Tenma and Col. Ranke arrive at the hospital after the colonel agreed to forgo the German deal. The colonel waits in the car while Grimmer and Tenma goes to the hospital to retrieve the tape from Suk's mother. Upon learning from one of the nurses that a beautiful blond lady had visited her, they both run to see if Suk's mother was alright. They find her well, and awaiting them. She claims that she has been awoken by the visit of the blond lady and knows that her son, Suk, is not well. She wants to see him.
Suk wakes from his slumber to find Tenma, Grimmer and his mother at his bedside. His mother asks him why he never told her about his troubles, Suk replies that he was fine. Suk's mother then tells everyone about how Suk was always keeping his pains from her since he was a child; like when he had fallen from a tree, but refused to let her know that he was injured. Suk's mother cries and prays that she wishes to never forget about her son despite her mental condition.
Grimmer, Tenma and Ranke later listen to the tape that they retrieve from Suk's mother. Ranke stops the tape midway, refusing to listen anymore. But Grimmer insist that they listen to the whole content on the tape. They continue to listen to the tape about Johan's fear of forgetting about Anna. The rest of the tape is however taped over by the voice of the grown up Johan, who tells them he would allow them to listen only to that point and that he now knows where he needs to go.
Lunge has gone to Prague on 'holiday', one that his colleagues consider to be unusual for him, especially since he is such a workaholic that his wife and daughter had left him for that reason. He stops at an open air café at the town square to order a cup of coffee, but after telling himself that he is here on holiday, changes his mind and orders a local brand beer called Prazdoj.
Later in the office, Commissioner Nepala is furious with his subordinates for bringing him a half-baked report, his subordinates only excuse is that the people who were working on the case are all dead and the main suspects are missing. His anger is extinguished when he receives a visit from Lunge. Nepala recalls his last meeting with him was at the SIG seminar. They discuss the current case that Nepala is working on, Lunge notices the similarities to the case he is working on and of Suk's blond girlfriend named 'Anna Liebert'. Nepala mentions about Lunge's use of fingers to process data and provide a subjective view of the investigation, and his desire for Lunge's help in the case, but Lunge refuses to, he claims that he is on 'holiday'. His only reason for his visit was that he wants a picture book, which he has found after searching through 13 stores, to be translated. Nepala offers to have one of his men do so.
Later, Lunge visits the publishing house of the picture book; he finds another of the author's work under another of his pen name, Klaus Poppe. It is an illustration book containing sketches of a pregnant lady, twin babies, a small girl and a boy.

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