Season 4 Episode 3

Giant Pythons in America

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2010 on The History Channel
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A deadly menace is taking over Florida and may be heading north. For more than 100 years, giant pythons have been discovered in parts of the state, but since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, their territory has rapidly spread.
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  • This show investigated snakes, mostly pythons, that had been turned lose in Florida and the fact that they seem to be adapting well to the area...

    First, I am an avid fan of MonsterQuest. I, like many other people may fear the unknown, however, the curiosity factor always outweighs the Tonight was the first time I was angry with MonsterQuest and their depiction of Pythons. Giant Pythons in America, struck a nerve with me, because the information and acting was very misleading. A statement towards the end of the show, finally did me in... The statement was about "wild king cobras and Giant killer pythons" living among us. My Issues with this are that king cobras were titled as "wild" and the Burmese python was labeled, "killer". To be frank, I would take my chances with 10 pythons before I would go anywhere near a cobra! This section of the show was preceded earlier by an academy award level performance of the MonsterQuest team, wrestling a 10' python on the side of a road. As someone who once owned a Burmese python, who eventually passed away at 16.5' long, I am very aware of the great strength these snakes have, however, these men made it look as though this snake was Super Snake! The way they handled the entire situation with this snake made me very angry... Of course the snake was going to do what it could to get away.... The cameras lights flooded the area it had been peacefully sleeping in, and it was surrounded by these loud people who immediately begin poking him with a hook! I found myself rooting for the snake! Had the man gotten himself bitten, he seriously deserved it, especially after he got a hold of the snake around the throat with a grip that was obviously WAY too tight, then proceeds to grind the poor snakes head into the pavement... Yes, pythons are predators and should be seriously considered before purchasing one because it is a lifelong commitment, my old vet, a specialist in reptiles, told me he had never seen one die from old age, but usually from neglect. The neglect is where the danger is when it comes to these snakes. IF an owner is diligent about his/her care for the snake, there is very little danger. A hungry snake is an entirely different story. The next danger is in carelessness, do not try to hold your snake after petting your dog, cat or bunny, they have very bad eye sight and rely on scent, movement, and vibration, if you come up and your snake takes a whiff, you are going to register as dinner and most likely be treated as such. Dog attacks are the most common domestic animal attack in the US, and horses are the number one dangerous pets responsible for more fatalities than other domestic pets... Snakes are not even in the top of the listings in the census for dangerous pets...moreless

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