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  • Very well done with real HD content.

    First I will say this is my favorite show… A real expedition to try to explain real mysteries.
    Well I wish they would spend much more time trying to find these creatures if they do exist. 2 weeks is not enough time to do anything. They should set up long term local investigations where these creatures live and offer rewards for evidence to the local inhabitants. How about a 2 year investigation on each creature? If they did find it they would have one incredible show for sure!The filming is great and the remote auto cameras are cool but seem to offer little evidence. Maybe these cameras need to be there again for years and not days,
  • Series reviews and explores the strange creatures people have seen across the years.


    I really liked this show. It was to Nessie and Sasquatch what "Ghost Hunters" was to haunted houses. Every episode featured experts and skeptics along with witnesses accompanied by recreations and computer CGI to study and research what is becoming a lost contribution to modern lore behind all the shows on the paranormal out there. The only thing I didn't like was that the show kind of wasted its time on exotic animals like freshwater sharks and pythons and on contrived legends like vampires and werewolves. It missed out numerous strangecryptids before it ended. Oh, well, at least "Destination Truth" may go where it failed to lead.

  • Highly recommended if you like cryptozoology

    Some of these stories about strange and otherworldly creature people throughout history have witnessed. A few have been proven like the giant squid and gigantic fish with aggressive reputations. Others are still disputed. A few episodes like the Vampire Beast or the werewolves are on the scarier side. I really wish that it wasn't cut midway through the 4th season.
  • informative, keeps you glued to your seat, sometimes exciting

    I think this show is very informative on what is said to be out there. The problem is that nobody has a single piece of proof on what they say is around us. A person new to these phenomena will enjoy watching. I am surprised that this show lasted as long as it has. All a person has to know is that if anyone really captured one of these creatures, even just on film, this show would be one of the last to cover the story. Everyone would jump on the story so fast. All you see are people playing hide and seek with things that likely are not there and making excuses for it.
  • Big Foot is Real and alive

    Bigfoot sightings through out the world. Why would there not be some organization that would go out hopefully to find a big foot creature and use the kind of shots that would stun the creature so that it may be transported to a facility where it could be totally examined. From what i have seen in the different videos that have come out, I have not heard of or seen someone try and drug this creature for study and allowing all to know that they do exist???

    It's as real as ancient aliens.

    Another crap "documentary" from history channel.