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  • Season 2 Episode 5: Ohio Grassman

  • The location "Kershocktin, OH", which was displayed on the screen as the location of a video possibly featuring the Grassman, does not exist, and is most likely a mangling of the town "Coshocton".

    Also, In the opening sequence while showing scenes from Ohio, a scene featuring the skyline of Detroit, Michigan is depicted.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Birdzilla

  • The engraving of a girl being carried off by and eagle (shown twice in this episode) is from Felix A. Pouchet's The Universe [1868], and is of another eagle abduction supposedly ocurring in the French Alps in 1838:

    "A little girl, five years old, called Marie Delex, was playing with one of her companions on a mossy slope of the mountain, when all at once an eagle swooped down upon her and carried her away in spite of the cries and presence of her young friend. Some peasants, hearing the screams, hastened to the spot but sought in vain for the child, for they found nothing but one of her shoes on the edge of a precipice. The child was not carried to the eagle's nest, where only two eaglets were seen surrounded by heaps of goat and sheep bones. It was not until two months later that a shepherd discovered the corpse of Marie Delex, frightfully mutilated, and lying upon a rock half a league from where she had been borne off."

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