Monsters vs. Aliens

Nickelodeon (ended 2014)



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Monsters vs. Aliens

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"Monsters and Aliens" is a TV spin-off of the DreamWorks animated flick of the same name, about a motley crew of Monsters enlisted to save the world from Alien destruction.

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  • Trashy Spin-Off

    Don't even get me talking about this crap.
  • The heck is this?

    I liked the movie but this? No. Firstly, how can Susan shrink and grow??? I thought she was stuck as a giant for the rest of her life and was cool with it at the end. Secondly, Bob here makes bob in the movie more sane. Then last but not least, the animation. It looks like no one really made an effort to put more details.

    Sad to say, I would watch the Kung-fu panda show over this anytime.

  • I just want to watch the simple comedy of the show

    It's good enough to see and laugh to, couldn't be worse I was surprised they got a series. I loved how Bob put Suzan in the wash and how she got stuck in that worm hole. The make some good kicks for the girl. That was atleast worth watching this for, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have watched. So thanks for the good show and make more once in a while.moreless
  • sucks.

    its boring. un original. this is an insult to the movie (which i love the movie) they dont even use the same voices! I understand if it will cost alot, at least use someone thats close to their voice!! I dont like it. .
  • .... Is this the answer to CN's Ben 10 Omniverse or Teen Titans Go?

    Another show that is ripped and made from a Dreamworks film.

    The whole premise is stupid, and it's like Teen Titans Go, but with other characters. The jokes are corny as expected, and the plots of the episodes are just that bland. There's nothing much in this show, nothing much of interest. Also, the animation is horrible, which is sad. By this time or year CGI technology and effects are very advanced and complex.

    This has something in common between this and Ben 10 Omniverse; both are the results of effortless franchise milking. Both have horrible presentation, artworks. In the case of artwork, this one has horrible animation.moreless

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