Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1990 on
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A girl volunteers to go into isolation for nine months in return for vast wealth, only to realize the loneliness is driving her insane.

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  • A woman is inside of a strange vessel, that is apart of an experiment, that she signs up for, but she doesn't really know who's running the experiment.

    The story is set in well, I guess the time period that came out in, the early 90's, although it could be way out into the future, it's not revealed. It is a story that revolves around one woman character, you lets herself get incapsulated inside of a space vessel, which she supposedly thinks is some kind of house she must live in for 60 days, and then she will have financial security. The story starts of with her signing a contract, and then a guitar, a puzzle, and she is getting food and water provided to her as well, which is enough to make her believe that she will be ok, but little does she know that her capturers, may not be just a from the city, but rather from some place far away. It's kinda of silly, particularly at the end, when it's revealed who's running the show, and the story starts off quite scary, making you think that she is going to meet some unseen monster, but really is end with a strange consequence of her getting knocked out unconscious, and then falling to well the floor.

    The actual monster, which is aliens, were basically conducting the experiment the whole time, but how they got there, and how she was lead to believe that being a lab rat, for an strange species, is not really revealed at all. All and All though is does capture the feel of many of the episodes, which is a good point, and it also delivers a feeling of the unknown, and uncertainty which could have been more efficently done by her meeting an horrific creature, but rather it ends with creepy aliens, who simply were monitoring the behavior for human life, and the end simply show mixture of both creepyness from the standpoint of the alien's real intentions, and where they actually were the whole time, and images of one aliens peeking into her location, in a distrubing amassed form, as if coming out from a window.

    Good episode, although it could have had more details about how they wanted her to live inside the ship, and also more about what the aliens really were intending do, and talking on about how humans loath pets, which really doesn't explain much, and other than just seeing them in a spaceship. Creative, not that many special effects, and aliens do look ridiculous, and although you can clearly see that are not to be messed with, it's still a cheap rendition of well the space monsters that sometimes show up on this show.moreless

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    • Jamie: And it just so happens my ex-boyfriend is a lawyer. Except he hated to be called a mere lawyer. he insisted that he was an "attorney." No, no, that was too beneath him. He was a "litigator."

    • Jamie: I stay here... did you choose nine months for some symbolic reason? Gestation? Birth? Rebirth?

    • Jamie: I want to go home! I want to see people, I want to hear people scream! Anything! I want to ride on the trains, I want to get shoved and pushed, whatever! I do want to be free.

    • Jamie: Okay. My name is... Jamie Neal. I'm 23, I have been here--I think--64 days. I think. Why didn't you at least give me any windows? Does that spoil your great experiment, just because I want to see night and day? The sun sets on the other side of this wall. I never knew how much I missed it. After 64 days.

    • Jamie: How long is a day without sunset? Like the suns setting over the city. The smog, the dirt in the air, makes it very beautiful, you know. The colors... I remember crimson. Like some kind of flower. Bleeding heart and blossom. Or dying.

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