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Season 1 Episode 2

Holly's House

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1988 on
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Holly's House
A puppeteer for a favorite children's program starts seeing her puppet move and talk on its own...but is it all in her mind?

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  • This is a scary one, from Monsters. Also the show's second after the debut


    This episode is quite scary compared to most of the comedic episodes that have appeared this series. It starts with off a Sesame Street like intro and setting, and turns very unsettling after a while, particularly an unhappy character who just might have a revenge plot in mind. It's about Holly, a little female doll who's basically the star of the show. First of all this episode uses a children's show montage at the beginning, which is not only a really effective way of bringing out the scary aspect of this episode already, it's just straight up scary knowing that the doll is alive and plotting revenge, but there's really not much of an explanation. The background of the tv show in the episode is really similar to Sesame Street, in the fact that all the characters are nice, and friendly, including Holly, who seems like the typical dollhouse happy all the time plaything, but is actually turning toward a evil disposition.

    This episode is directed by Ted Gershuny, who directed for Darkside as well, and apparently this episode is of the scariest of the series, and it came out just when the series began. The doll itself does remind you of a children's tv character, it just comes out at you, and wants to be all snuggly and cuddly, but you are already reminded of what Holly's feelings are even at the beginning, if you watch closely, and towards the end it's anything but happy, and rather a complete setup for a nightmare, but I have to say it will remind you of the previous series by the end. Holly's House, in my opinion, is an episode that starts off simple and child-like, with a few characters, puppets, and actors in a NY tv studio, who are just trying to rap up a show, that they want to discontinue, but in the end, they realize the underappreciated doll has opinions and needs, and they must be met. The ending, I think took a very steep horrific turn, which I won't describe, because it's not a friendly show by that time, but it does show that neglected dolls, or children's tv characters should be loved, and in this case, it definitely turns into a fiasco, that goes from G rated to R really quick. Watch for some fun laughs at the beginning, but beware, Holly's nothing to play with, and she makes it clear in the episode.

    The doll, whether it is was possessed or demonic is really not made very clear, but in opinion I was learning toward the latter, but either way the episode is a frightening little shocker, and starts off what would become a more comedic series that it's predecessor. Beware, don't be fooled by the episode's intro, it's a scary one and it's finale makes it go from Sesame Street to Elm Street at a steady pace.moreless
  • Puppetteer feels ambivalent about getting married and having a baby. Her puppet (Holly) also has feelings about the matter...

    As I watched "Holly's House," I did not truly enjoy myself as I usually do while watching a Monsters episode. But as I reflected on the plot twists and psychological dramas within both Holly and the Katherine, I realized that this was indeed a solid effort. From the point at which Katherine reveals to Mike the Mailman that she is pregnant, you can kind of guess which way the episode is going. My favorite moment of the episode is when the bird and Holly are playing "Hot & Cold" and the bird finds something other than what she is looking for.moreless

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