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  • Monsters

    I love this show I've seen Tales from the dark side too Monsters is far more scary. :) I found the entire series on Hope this helps anyone else who's searching for it. It took me 25 years of searching to find the entire series.
  • Monsters! my favorite creepy show in the whole wide universe! This show is gross, this show is raw, this show is frantic.

    What is better than Tales from the crypt? the answer is Monsters!, well it must be cause I am a big fan of the show. This show has some of the creepiest stories I have ever seen on TV, the acting is not superb but delivers, the special effects were excellent maybe not the best but they were all the show needed.

    Gross, is one word I can use to depict this show. From a long finger that crawls out of a can to a hovering eye that sucks brains. This and much more craziness you can find in this TV show.


    (They HAVE to put this out on DVD, now)
  • This show was so good, it should have been TFDS II, but it does feature many of same concepts that the show had, only with more comedic feelings and also irrationality added in. Also their would occasionlly be an episode, that would be very gruesome.

    The show starts quite the same as Tales, with a mundane situation going into something usually terrifying, or not of the rational mind. But, it also kinda of dozed off at times into comedic characters, and also silly characters, that would do the person in just like on Tales, sometimes with unfriendly consequences. The episodes differed in terms of horror, some were basically episodes that focused on many aspects of the beyond, like zombies, and also on a few occasions, aliens. The show was not actually quite as gruesome as Tales in my opinion, but it did feature grotesque monsters, ranging from the primitive to downright insane. This included, dragons, lizards, demons, ghosts, insects, out of control lab-rats, creepy aliens, mutants, disfigured people,and also zombies, and yes vampires. So, it wasn't the greatest horror anthology series, but did keep much of the same concepts, that lead it previous show to become a hit, but also giving people a sense of the fact, that their are some people who don't always live in our world, but rather in another one, and it's pretty scary and effective throughout most of the show. The show episodes though are quite grainy and chessy, and at times it's even hard to see the monsters very well, but the lack of CGI, and advanced special effects from that period, didn't really slow it down that much, and the point and the undertone that's revealed in the episode, somewhat makes up for that. Overall, an excellent series, that doesn't have the best special effects because of the time that it came out, and budget constraints, but still manages to show the other side of life, that sometimes we miss, just like it's previous show.
  • This I managed to get on ebay, so I will wear it off until SOMEBODY releases the real deal on DVD!!

    Sure, some stories were kinda cheesy, but they were funny, some scary and never a waste of time, I thought the show was pretty amazing for the budget they must had on hand (or at least it looked like they didn't had much), I understand that this show was a spin-off of Tales From the Darkside, but to my taste Monsters were a lot better!!
    I have so many personal favorites, but some that were really eerie for me are "Pillow Talk" and "My Zombie Lover" (check the recaps) this is one of the shows that MUST return to our screens, I´M LOOKING at you SCI-FI channel!!!
  • This show was a amazing for a low budget horror series. The twists and turns in the storylines were often quite entertaining, even though the acting (when looked at now) seems a lot like a show just getting into it's grove.

    Despite it's low budget, I really enjoyed this series when it was first released and still remember quite a few of the episode stories despite it not being released to DVD currently.

    Each story usually takes place on a limited 2 or 3 scene (ground floor and basement or house entryway and emergency room) set where storyline was definitely what kept it going. Even when you knew it involved some sort of monster (the name of the show sets that up,) the kind of monster was quite often fun to guess.

    The acting is not stellar in a way that always makes you empathize with the characters and the language is quite dated to the time period (i.e. "I learned that in the slammer. That was my prep school."), but the roles of various characters are easy to categorize (such as "leader type" "peon" "person who will die because they desperately deserve to" etc.)

    All and all a very entertaining and fun flashback to when TV stories were not overshadowed by CGI.
  • Ok so basically i want these shows to be brought back to life because they were so totally awesome and gruesome and scary!!! And i absolutely loved everything about them!!!

    I really want monsters on DVD i used to stay up late at night to watch this! AND I WAS ONLY 6 OR 7, BuT I Remember It Now and remember how excited i used to get when it would come on, please please please get it back on tv re run it or get it out on dvd, please do something!!!!! theses alot of fans out here!!!i want to see IT SOOO BAD!!! Please get it back on!!! I absolutely loved this show sooooo much!!!!!! i would love to see tales from the darkside, the froday the 13th series, Freddies nightmare serious, are you afraid of the dark series and Monsters!! Who can make this happen??? please let me know at daninwendy83 at yahoo, this is my contact please let me know!!!
  • A Tales from Darkside style show spinoff from Laurel.

    Trying to capitalize on the popularity and success of \"Tales\", Laurel Production tried to spinoff another show with mixed results. Not quite gaining the reputation or the success of \"Tales\", \"Monsters\" ended up being just another obscure show that most tv viewers will forget about.

    The problem was that many episodes flat out sucked. There wasn\'t quite the notoriety, writing, or budget at times. Some of the episodes that were supposed to be scary just came off as really silly, and didn\'t achieve the dark, and
    gripping endings that \"Tales\" could gain.

    That\'s not to say all episodes were bad \"Glim Glim\", \"The Match Game\" stand out as outstanding episodes unfortunately the decent episodes were thrown with bad ones. If this ever came out to DVD, I probably wouldn\'t shell out any big money unless there is a ton of special features which seems highly doubtful. Still for anyone whose into these kind of shows it\'s worth a look.
  • One hell of a good TV show, needs to be put on DVD now!

    Monsters was a TV show before my time, and i just lately bought a bootleg DVD pack featureing all of the episodes(i also bought Tales from the Darkside). There are about 70- some episodes witch all are fantastic and fun to watch, some are even creepy while others are funny.
    This show is alot like Tales from the Crypt and the Twilight Zone only every episode is about some Monster(s) hence the name. The Monsters are classic 80\'s looking with the latex suits and not a bit of CGI unlike to days shows.
    we get to see eveything from Killer Mutant Rats to Giant alien Eyeballs bent on eating people brains. I sugest anyone who likes Tales from the Crypt or Monster Movies from the 80\'s to give this a try. It\'s a good show.