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Season 1 Episode 1

The Feverman

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1988 on
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Episode Summary

The Feverman
An unusual healer is a man's last hope for his ailing daughter.

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  • Man takes sick daughter to "The Feverman" to cure her illness despite his friend's warnings.

    This is one of the first Monsters episodes that I ever saw. It is not clear if the monster is played by a male or female actor. This is one of the scarier monsters the series has produced. There were no recognizable actors in this episode. In thinking about the show, I think the producers got off to an excellent with this episode. The story was good. The special effects were good (for Monster's standings). Even the set was more elaborate than typical Monster's episodes. I am very excited to be going through each and every Monsters episode and reviewing each one!moreless
  • I guess Monsters was created by some of the same people that produced Tales From the Darkside. This was the first episode, and it put even the best TFTD episodes to shame. Not the best episode of the series, but one of the few good ones.moreless

    I haven't seen this one in a while, but here's what I remember. Some guy brings his sick daughter to a guy who calls himself "The Feverman". Supposedly he can cure any ailment. The man is skeptical of the Feverman's abilities, but has run out of options for his little girl. The Feverman takes the girl into the basement of the house and tells the father that under no circumstances is he to open the door. The Feverman lays the girl on a stone slab? A mattress…? I can’t remember…Anyhoo, he takes out some amulet, and starts hovering his hands above the girl. The amulet starts to glow, and out pops some slimy, fat pale humanoid monster. He begins to wrestle with the thing. Upstairs the girls father hears the ruckus. Fearing his daughter is in danger, he disregards the Feverman’s warning and opens the basement door to see what is going on. He’s horrified to find the Feverman grappling with the fat creature and starts to freak out, taking the Feverman by surprise. The fat monster takes advantage, and beats the Feverman down and returns to the body of the little girl. The Feverman is mortally wounded and implores the sick girls father to finish the job. He says that the amulet draws out people’s sickness, and he has to kill it to cure the person. Reluctant, the father takes the amulet and successfully battles the fat fever monster to its death. His daughter is cured, but the amulet has a catch. With the Feverman near death, he tells the father that he must now take up the reigns and be the next Feverman. The amulet has chosen him. Not too bad an episode. The monster make up was pretty okay, and the story was good, I thought. One thing I always thought was fun about this series is that most of the episodes take place on one static set. This is one of the few that had two settings, the front parlor of the house and the basement. Not too many episodes had more than this, so they had a very sort of theatrical “one act” sort of feel to them. I really hope this series comes to DVD soon!moreless

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