Monsuno: Combat Chaos

Sunday 12:30 PM on Nicktoons Networks Premiered Feb 23, 2012 In Season





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  • Honestly, I'm suprised it's lasted this long.

    Let me be the first to say that there is hardly anything original in this show. The plot is about a teen named Chase Suno who finds these Monsuno devices, teams up with his other teen friends, and go up against this evil organization in an effort to find his dad. Its a pretty generic plot and nothing spectacular is done to make the series unique. Even the character's name is rather predictable (his last name is a part of the title, just like "Pokemon"'s Ash Catchem) The monster concept is basically a combination of Digimon and Beyblade (Digimon for the devices the monsters are held in, and Beyblade for they way they are released, by spinning them into battle). The episode plots are pretty predictable, and the characters are unoriginal as well. Even the dialogue is cheesy and unoriginal. For example, when the group of main characters is about to fight a villain named Don Pyro (who, by the way, is a villain with an ELECTRICAL weapon and only a fire-based monsuno), the character says "Let's take this freak to fight town." Fight town...that's a pretty unimaginative line. Another example is when the main characters are in some sort of mountain or caverns and their ambushed by another villain group (who bears similarities to "Pokemon"'s Team Rocket) and the leader character threatens "The only way you're leaving is if we carry you out!". That is one of the worst villain lines I've ever heard is not very threatening at all. There are much better lines lines they could have for that situation that would've been FAR MORE threatening than that. As well as the presence of these terrible "one-liners", the character voice acting itself is abysmal. Character voices are either very annoying, or they lack substantial emotion. They also have a tendency to crack. Overall, this show is just unoriginal, too predictable in too many areas, and the characters are more annoying than they are memorable. I'd like to say that the show had effort in it, but based on everything I've seen in it, I just don't think there was any. I give Monsuno a 2/10.
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