Montana Jones

A&E (ended 1995)


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Montana Jones

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Montana Jones takes place in the 1930. A lot of the world is still mysterious, and for the adventures type, a lot of mysteries are still to be solved. The Show features the adventures and daring(and very Indiana Jones-like) Montana Jones; his good friend nephew, the well read Alfred Jones, which unlike MJ is not very daring, he can't even swim. Actually, he's in many ways the opposite of MJ, but together they make a great team. The Female on the show is Melissa Sone, a beautiful and clever reporter, always following Jones to get her story. The Show is an adventure show, and follows the two Joneses(and usual Melissa)'s trips around the world to uncover forgotten treasures in exotic locations. The Show normally starts with MJ getting a vinyl record from mysterious Professor Gerrit, which contained leads to some kind of treasure. After the record was played it always destroyed itself, so no one could follow them. And that leads us to the Bad Guys; The bad guys is led by The egoistic Lord Zero, a rich guy, who always follows the footsteps of MJ an Co, to find the treasures first, and keep them for himself. His companions include his two, not so bright minions Slim and Slam, and the mad Dr. Nitro, who always build big and weird machines for Lord Zero. Normally it's some kind of plane, Zero can escape in. The best part in the show is when Montana and his friend uncover some old secret; Almost every time they have to push a rock turn a spire, or something like that to activate some mechanism, which opens secret gates etc..

The Show lasted 52 episodes and was a cartoon with people-like animalsmoreless