Monty Python's Flying Circus

Season 2 Episode 3

Deja Vu?

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1970 on BBC

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  • "I seem to have wandered a bit..."


    Contains one of the alltime best Python bits, the thing about Ewen McTeagle and his marvelous pottery; I especially love Eric Idle's affected dramatic reading of it (oh heck, I love the whole thing!). Then too there's Graham Chapman's wonderfully belligerent flight instructor, and of course the endlessly divagating BALPA spokesman (one of my true heroes). The final "It's the Mind" segment actually verges on a mind-boggling (or at least unsettling) feeling of displacement which manages to reach beyond the sketches and jokes (at the same time that it remains wholly a part of them).

  • Does this episode give you that strange feeling of deja vu

    I enjoyed this episode, it's not a rib breaker like most episodes are but still very pleasent and fun to watch. My favourite sketch here was It's The Mind, a sketch looking at the phenomenom of deja vu. Michael keeps having to everything again, getting him more and more progressivly scared. Very good. There's some other decent enough sketches on this show, the most notable being the sketch with the doctor examining the scotsman and the flying lesson sketch. A mention also be given to the airplane hijacking sketch. So overall a decent show, if not the best I've seen, but a nice way to spend half an hour.
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