Monty Python's Flying Circus

Season 2 Episode 1

Face the Press (aka Dinsdale)

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1970 on BBC

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  • The Ministry Of Silly Walks, a giant hedgehog and the Piranha Brothers. What else do you need.

    Well, what a start to a series this is, an excellent show. This episode wil be remembered for another of the sketches heavily remembered by the general public: the silly walks sketch. This was perhaps John's defining moment on the series, the one that we all remember him for and the sketch still comes across brilliantly today. The gas cooker sketch while not the best see's a long line of delivery men that come into the silly walks sketch and throughout the episode. Another majorly funny sketch is the Ethel The Frog documentary on the Pirahna Brothers, for once a long sketch that works perfectly. The giant hedgehog animation to co-incide with Dinsdale's image is an iconic moment in this episode that appears in future episodes as well. Overall a great episode, not the best in the world but still a great introduction to the show if you've never seen it before now.
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