Monty Python's Flying Circus

BBC (ended 1974)





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  • Saturday Night Live, take some notes...

    Ah, yes, British sketch comedy. How could you not love this. Played straightlaced or silly, it's hilarious. Growing up, I mostly knew the cast members from roles they did voices for, such as Eric Idle in Transformers the Movie (one of my alltime favorite rolls of his).

    When I got into college, my acting instructor advised all of us in the class to watch this shows for guidance on how to do comedy the best way; not begging for a laugh.

    Frankly, I like how they sometimes portray the most absured parts with a straight face, not breaking characte. And the timing, oh so wonderful! Not enough people today get how important timing is in a gag/joke, something some shows like Family Guy could benefit from learning.

    If I got to perform anybody's work on TV and/or on stage, I would need a few weeks to chose because I would definetly choose from the Flying Circus library of sketches.